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I got a new computer and I can't remember my password and my email address is incorrect so I can't have it sent to me. I need help. I don't really want to make a new account. Thanks

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Do you still have your old computer. Are you using it now to get on? Maybe you could find you wrong email address on you page and change it. Then you could get the password sent to the correct email.

I tried to do that but I can't change my email address without the password and I can't have my password sent to my email since it is not correct. I don't have that email address on record here to have it sent to me.

Sorry. Maybe Adina can edit.

I think I messed up when I registered here 2 years ago and combined 2 email addresses into one big mess that I never had. I am still looking to see if I can at least find the password. Maybe it will come to me. In the mean time I am using my old laptop for here until I get it figured out. It would be nice if Adina could change my email address for me. Even when I knew my password, it would never let me change the email for whatever reason.

Send Adina a message. 

I did manage to find the password. However it still won't let me change my email. So I guess as long as Adina or anyone else doesn't send me an important email, I should be good. I remember when I won a gift certificate and Adina sent it to the incorrect email address, I didn't receive it the first time she sent it. She can't change it, I had already asked her back then.

Strange. There should be a way.

Are you trying to change it from an actual computer and not a phone or tablet? I don't know but maybe thats the answer?

Amy, go to your Settings, and then go to your Profile. At the very top, right under your profile picture, it will say Email Address, and then there's a link in blue right next to it that says Change. Click that, enter the email address you want, and then be sure to scroll down to the bottom and click the blue "SAVE" box. As Lori mentioned, you may have to do this on an actual computer and not a mobile device, I'm not sure because I only use a computer, lol. 

I only have laptops, no computer. Karen, that is what I have been doing. Then it sends me a link to the correct email, so I follow that back to DK and then log out and log in again and it is still the same old email address, nothing has changed. It will only let me log back in under the old email, not the new one. I click the saves, I don't know, maybe it is because it is not a desk top computer. But since I don't have access to one, I can't try it.

I use a lap top, Amy.  It isn't the laptop vs desktop.  Did you message Adina?  PS I had a problem a few years ago just like yours with my Amazon account.  I finally had to make a new one.  Tech support could not help me.

I just, using my tablet, changed my email to another account I have and it worked perfectly. Then I changed it back again. Did you follow the email link?



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