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So how smart our these doods?  Last year DH used to request his slippers be delivered to him when he got home from work. Monty always delivered, they were in the basket on the steps, he would bring them one at time and give them to DH.   Well DH really doesnt want nor need slippers, he's happy stepping into the snow with nothing on his feet and has not continued this effort.  Tonight while we sat at the computers, Monty brought up one of DH's summer flip flop from the laundry room.  He was of course looking for attention, so we asked that he bring the other one.  I wont say what I promised DH if he got it cause he never would. He had never been taught to bring the flip flop.  Well go ahead and guess...........I owe DH!!!!!! That damn dog went to the laundry room and brought the other flip flop~`  Now mind you he never knew the word flip flop.  And the slipper situation, he could always find the other in the basket on the steps........ Tooo smart, Tooo scary. Do your dogs amaze you with their knowledge?

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Send Monty to me. I could say, "go get the kitchen trash and take it to the garbage pail," and see if he could do it. I have not been able to train my DH in 33 years :)

Monty, You are one smart dog. He probably thought going out in flip flops was better than no shoes at all :)

Fudge amazes me with the things that she understands that I say out loud. Vern does move socks from the closet to the foyer, but doesn't seem to know to bring them to us. We always have to go looking for them...LOL!

I met a man today at a local park today, he was walking a bulldog. He came up and said my dog was so cute then he asked what kind of dog it was. I told him she was a goldendoodle. He said and I quote, "Yea they are really cute too bad they are not that bright." It's funny because I was just looking at a list of the 10 least intelegent dogs and bulldogs were #3 on the list. On the most intelligent dog list golden retrevers come in #4 and poodles come in at #2. Since this guy pretty much resembled his dog I decided not to get into it. I just smiled and moved on.

People are nuts. (my dog is brilliant)

well obviously he's an ass, too bad for his dumbness.  lol what an ass he is.  ;)

The things people say!

Kona is able to speak English quite well. My daughter talks to him in full sentences and he does whatever she says most of the time. Owen is just way more interested in doing exactly as he pleases to try to figure out what we are telling him unless there is a treat involved. I think Owen is super smart, just not so eager to please. ;o)

lol I wish Parker would go get things for me! I am always trying to tell him to do stuff but he just looks at me...and maybe brings one of his toys over if I stare at him long enough! Monty needs to come train Parker! lol

That is amazing that Monty went to get the other one. Yes, they are very bright.

I always teach Roo a new trick first, because Tigger watches him and then usually does it on the first try. 


Roo is more attentive to what I want, Tigger is more attentive to the treat.  So that is why I teach Too first.  Although there have been times when Tigger guessed what I was trying to teach Roo and did it first!

Same situation here... Owen learned shake right away. Kona found it beneath him. ;o)

Monty is smart.  My dogs only amaze me at how little they let me know they know, or do they let me know what I don't know that they know but won't tell me.... hmmmmmm   Clancy kind of cares to please us but NED - the little prince, would not lower himself to fetch in any manner.

Doodles are so smart !!!  I was teaching Sasha a trick about a year ago and we kind of dropped it after she learned it so one day I just gave her the command for the trick and she did it on first try !!!  I was totally amazed that she remembered after about a year.  They are way smart :)

My boys are pretty smart and they use all of that Doodle intelligence to try to "outwit" their Mom.  If I could only "re-channel" it into helping around the house.



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