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Am I crazy ? I just wrote a check for $2k plus Tax plus another $300 to ship my brand new gorgeous australian mini labradoodle. Ughhh. Don't tell my husband or he will kill me. I tried looking locally (w/in a 100 mile driving distance) but to no avail. Seems that mini (20 ish pounds) are hard to find. Once I found a puppy that was ready to go NOW, was the color I wanted (brown w green eyes) I just paid the price asked by the breeder. Didn't try to negotiate because he seemed like such a hard working guy with a farm and kids and doing something he loved. What did you pay?

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You got a bargain. Most Australian labradoodles are $2500plus shipping. I would think minis are fewer so they could be more.

Our Libby an Australian Labradoodle was exactly that F.  The shipping was almost 300.00!   Worth every single penny too:)  

That's what we paid for our Guinness.  That was the "going rate" for a mini ALD from a good breeder with full health testing of parents...and that was four years ago.  Congratulations and good luck with your puppy.

Yup you did get a bargain. 

Prices vary depending on type.

First generation standard doodles are about $1200-1500

Higher generation doodles are more

Smaller doodles cost more than larger doodles -- though I wouldn't say they are rarer or harder to find.  They are just more in demand.  Higher demand = higher price.

Australian labradoodles cost the most.

I was just looking on-line the other night at minis (because they're so dang cute! but I'm not in the market for one) and I was surprised to find the average starting cost was $2500. Regular doodles in my area start at $1200, which I also think is steep. I got my puppy at a huge discount- which automatically made me think something was up. Turns out the breeder just isn't a professional breeder, just an animal lover and owns a professional kennel place, way out of my area. She knows the going rate for doodles but just chose to sell hers for less. Holmes is an F1 golden doodle and both his parents are AKC registered. I lucked out on his price and because he is healthy. But I agree with you- they are expensive. Crazy to think there are doodles (and other dogs) out there that need rescuing and people willing to pay thousands for them.

If the breeders are health testing their dogs and completely fit with the guidelines here "what to look for in a breeder" then I'd say they are very reasonably priced. A carefully bred puppy will come with far less probability of arriving full of parasites, not being socialised and of suffering a genetic illness.
Lots of bad breeders charge big bucks too so 'caveat emptor'. Good luck with your new puppy. We look forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about the new arrival.

The standard rate for an Australian Labradoodle 3 years ago was $2,500 plus tax and shipping--so you got a good deal. I paid $2,500 for Finn plus tax.  I thought I was crazy then but he's been worth every cent. Prices for Goldendoodles were more variable.  I found them from $800 to $2,000 and maybe more for minis. Congratulations on your new puppy.  Lucky you...Enjoy him :) 

That is a fair price. You are paying for some pretty extensive, expensive health testing. Breeders that don't charge that much are likely not doing that level of testing and are probably just getting a clearance from the vet. You may feel like you paid alot but you paid for a HEALTHY puppy and some serious peace of mind! Let's say your pup lives 15 years. That's only $153 a year for the cost of buying the pup.  (I broke it down that way for myself to make me feel better too HA). But honestly, after knowing what I know now and all the information here on this site I would gladly have paid any price needed to guarantee my mini doodles health.

You got a deal! And congratulations on your new little one!

I paid $2300 for Cooper - he is a medium size though. Thankfully I lived within a couple hours of my breeder and I was able to go pick him up myself. Worth every penny,I love him to bits :)

ok..I have three Goldendoodles.I didn't pay close to that,and I did rescue..That seems to me to be a lot of money .Buts whats money if you love them. I love the breakdown of $153.00 a year.

About $2000 seems to be the going rate for a well-vetted doodle with full testing.  

Luna was a discount doodle at $900 but I would never recommend her "breeder".

In the Seattle area Australian Labradoodles range from $2,500-$2,800 before shipping and sales tax (which in WA all breeders charge in-state residents). Miniature ALDs from reputable breeders are hard to find, especially in certain colors. We placed our deposit a week after the pregnancy was confirmed, and the litter was fully reserved weeks before the puppies were born. A year later, I'm thrilled with our decision, and believe that Oliver is priceless! :)



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