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Our 8 month old F1B chocolate Labradoodle, Nico, is about 60 pounds and approximately 21" at the withers. How much do doodles routinely grow from this point on? I know it's tough to tell, for certain. I'm just wondering if he's topped out or if we can expect him to get even bigger (which would be FINE with us!)

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He will probably gain some weight and some height, but not by a lot at this point. My Rosco is an F1 LD who gained about 10 lbs per month until 8 months...he's 3 years old now and only 80-85 lbs. I think he may have grown 1/2" from 8 months on.
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So, if my boy here Thomas weighed 38 lbs. at four months-then I double this and add ten lbs. which would make him 86 lbs.!!! OMG-I really better start working on the jumping up. He is 50lbs. at six months old and can pretty much knock me over with his hellos now. I can just picture this big hulk running down the hall to greet me....the big goof.
he won't be 86 lbs--- Rosco is less than that and he was 60 pounds at six months. The addition of 10 pounds is a possibility after you double the four month weight. It's not a guarantee.
Whew, Thanks Adina- we really don't care what he will end up weighing-if he gets really big-more of him to love.
Debbie, He's so cute!!
I like the haircut Nico has in this picture. I'm trying to figure out how short to go for summer but don't want the poodle look. I'd have to go a little shorter on the face, but this is a good length for body.
We had to shave Nico in early January because the snow had matted his legs and belly and we had a heck of a time grooming him. It's grown back to this length in the past 2 mos.
This is a GREAT length now. He is still super curly but it's really easy to groom him. He needs a haircut around the eyes and top of the head, but other than that we LOVE his 'do'.
Dexter is a F1B labradoodle and he weighed 60 lbs at 8 months and now weighs about 62 lbs at 2.5 yrs. He finished his growing early.



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