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I’m reaching out to the doodlekisses community for some general advice on getting a goldendoodle. I have been wanting to get a dog for years now but have been unable to because of my job. I have just decided to take a much less demanding position for next year that will allow me to work remotely. Moreover, I have the summer off and will be returning home where I have a huge backyard, making the summer the perfect time to train a puppy. I have a few initial questions I would love your feedback on.

-First, before I get my hopes up, is it even possible to find a goldendoodle puppy on such short notice? I would hope to adopt in early July but it seems like most litters/puppies available to go home in July are completely booked. How do you think I should approach this? If I can’t get one over the summer, I don't think it will work since I won’t have enough time to train a puppy in the fall. I really want to make this happen!

-Do you know of any good breeders in the New England area? I’m hoping to get a standard size goldendoodle, maybe F1b (although I'm not sure on the generation). I am willing to travel, if necessary. Please send me a message/add me as a friend if you have any suggestions.

-It seems like there is a huge range in the appearance of adult goldendoodles and that it does need seem to always be related to the generation. All puppies are cute but is there a way to be able tell generally what the dog will look like as an adult? I have pictures of the sort of appearance I’m going for and have tried figuring out whether my preference is related to coat type/color or face of the dog, but I just can’t figure it out. I know once I raise my dog, I’ll love him/her all the same, but I still can't help having preferences now.

Thanks so much for all your help! The doodlekisses community seems very welcoming and supportive and I’m happy to now be a part of it (even if I am dogless).


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Hi Alyson, welcome to DK. 

First and most important, if you haven't already done so, please read What to Look for in a Breeder and take it to heart. Use it as a checklist for any breeder you consider and run from anyone who can't measure up. 

Next, the members of DK have put together a wonderful discussion that is meant to serve as a guide for anyone considering getting a doodle. Also important to read and consider:

Regarding waiting lists, most reputable breeders are going to have waiting lists, but there are always cancellations, people switching to another litter, etc. However, I would try not to force this into any certain time frame. Training a puppy/dog is forever; it doesn't happen in 2-3 months or even 2-3 years, it's ongoing. If you aren't going to have time for a new puppy in the fall, you aren't going to have time for an older puppy then, either. In many respects, puppies between 6-12 months old are much harder to deal with and require a lot more work than 2 or 3 month old pups. And the larger the doodle, the more exercise he's going to need, and the more time grooming will require, so with a standard, you really have to consider that.

This is a 12+ year commitment, so it's really smart, for the dog's sake and your own, to take your time and get it right.  

Assuming you are looking for the typically "doodle-y" looking dog with the shaggy face, there is a way to tell by looking at puppies' faces whether or not they will have the furnishings that give that look, and a good experienced breeder will also know, which is one more reason for choosing your breeder carefully. You can also get a pretty good idea of how curly the coat will be. However, although you haven't asked about shedding, there is absolutely no way to tell whether any given doodle puppy will shed as an adult.  

Hope this helps. 

Hi Karen!

Thanks so much for this information. I had seen the "What to Look for in a Breeder" article but not the "Considering a Doodle" page. This is great!

I understand the time investment for older puppies (I have some close friends with puppies) and I will have time in the fall, particularly since I will be working from home. My push for the summer was because I was thinking it would be a lot easier to potty train when I can easily run outside with the puppy, rather than going downstairs in an apartment building. That was the primary reason. I totally agree that it's best not to rush the process.

Thanks for the information on appearance! I am looking for the typical "doodle-y" look so that is good to know.

I want to echo what Karen already said. Potty training is tough. It feels like you're outside every 15 minutes - rain or shine, day or night. But a lot of people (including myself) potty train with bells. And don't underestimate a teenage puppy's desire to go outside every 5 minutes instead of every 15. And you can't really ignore them because the one time you think they're faking is when they'll pee all over the floor! 

I think working from home sounds wonderful. But for me it would be an exercise in patience. My almost 3 year old still acts like a total fool any time I'm on the phone. She's like a 3 year old human going, "mom mom mom mom mom." Of course it could be trained, but we would have a steep learning curve if it was something I was going to do. I also frequently have trouble typing because someone needs to be petted right this second. (I think we know who is trained in this house!)

Just a thought, perhaps instead of a puppy a young adult who needed a good home would be an option. I adore my Katie - who I brought home as an 8 week old puppy. But I love Ava, the 6 year old rescue, just as much. We are so incredibly bonded to one another. She has had a few challenges, but overall she has been much easier to live with than Katie was as a puppy. She was a terrible puppy - and she was a puppy until she was 2! I'm not saying you shouldn't have a puppy. I'm just saying that finding the right dog to fit into your lifestyle makes life a whole lot easier!

Thanks Stacy! It's pretty cute/funny how you describe Katie ("mom mom mom mom mom")! 

I'm a pretty much a newbie to the puppy world and doodle world!
This site has helped me soo much, a desk job helps too ;)
I'm curious what exactly your looking for..
Fur type
Since you say you'd be willing to travel I am betting you can find your exact puppy :)

Hi! I'm hoping for a standard size dog, wavy/shaggy coat, cream, chocolate, or black

I am also interested in Australian Labradoodles if anyone knows of any specific breeders they love. 

If I were going to buy a goldendoodle puppy, I would start my search for a breeder on the GANA website:

For an ALD, I would start with the ALCA website:

The links Karen gave you should be your guides.  Once you find breeders that meet your standards, contact them.  Tell them when you would like a puppy and ask to be considered for cancellations and an older puppy.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I would also be open to a standard poodle from a reputable breeder.



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