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Myla is well trained on a leash - she doesn't walk beside us but she also doesn't pull!  We are going on a holiday to the ocean where wolves have been attacking dogs (on their own).  All dogs have to be on a leash (understandably) but I would like to put Myla on a long rope so that she can play in the waves. If I put a long rope on her collar, it gets all tangled up in her feet so I am thinking of buying a harness so that the rope clips on top of her.  Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a brand that we should look at - I don't want it to be crazy expensive as we won't use it often after our holiday.  We will also use it when we bike in campgrounds - Myla is well trained to run beside us while we bike, but the campground rules state that all dogs must be on leash so the harness with a top clip will work there also.  Any ideas?

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Maggie came with the Freedom Harness and it works well. It has a ring on the top and the front, so you can leash her either way. It sounds like some rescues are using it because there is virtually no way for the dogs to pull out of it if they get scared. What I like about it is that it is easy to put on and off. It slips over the head and then has 2 snaps that go under the torso and clip on the sides. 

Thanks - does she like it?  - or does she shy away from it when you put it on?

She doesn't seem to mind it at all. It's not tight going over her head and I don't have to pick up a foot to put it through the harness the way you do with some of them. She also loves going for a ride, and she seems to associate it with that, so it is one of the things she doesn't seem to be afraid of!

It is very different from the Gentle Leaders that the doodles tend to hate.  I've been using this one for several years.  I'm not sure it will help with getting tangled up or not on the long lead, but it will definitely be much safer to use in new situations like the beach

Don't have my 'doodle yet, but I've also been looking at a Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness.

But of course for a "puppy" I'll have to figure out something to "work up" to.



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