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Took honey in this morning. I knew she was matted. They said the only option is to shave her ears. The rest of her should be ok as it's mostly the bottom of her ears that is really matted. Trying to picture what she will look like! Hopefully not too goofy. Here's a before pic from a few days ago. We'll see what the after looks like this afternoon. Anyone have pics of their doodles who had to have ears shaved or cut really short? I know I have to be much more diligent about brushing her ears now. Poor baby.

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What a cutie Honey is! The same thing happened with our Mollie - the bottom of her ears were matted and had to be shaved at the groomers. We actually loved the result! Hopefully you will follow up with a pic of Honey post groomers. :)

Here she is!! Not nearly as bad as I thought. And she is so super soft!!

Wow - your groomer did a great job!

The groomer did a great job! I brush  and comb Ned's ears from both the top side and underneath because they are so thick.  I also slice out mats.

She looks great! Make sure you COMB her ears out at least once a week--brushing does not get the mats out--the brush goes right over them. Use a steel comb.

I agree! She looks beautiful :)

What cutie - before and after!  I use a comb on the ears about twice a week and always find some tangles. If I wait too long I just cut the little mats out.

Thanks everyone! I think she looks pretty cute too. Just a little shocking to see at first. Definitely going to be brushing and combing her more often!

Honey looks cute, what a great color!  Our groomer shaves underneath Lincolns ears to help with the matting. 

Honey is adorable and looks like she got a really nice grooming. Just FYI, you can add photos directly into the discussion using the 2nd box from the left (right on top of the dialog box). When you hover the cursor over it, it says "image". You cant do that if you add photos from a phone or iPad though :/



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