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Yesterday (January 8th) was Haley's 8th Gotcha Day! My, how time flies!!!

The day was just a normal day at home other than lots of fetch in the snow covered yard. Haley LOVES to play when it is cold and snowy. He was like he Energizer bunny and I had to finally stop the game. He also got a good grooming (ie brushing), a new stuffy with lots of squeekys and a sweetpotato.

Two of my favorite pictures of Haley from 2017.

Happy Gotcha Day my sweet Haley!

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Congrats Haley, on your 8th gotcha day!!!  Love the pictures!

Thank you, Barbara. 

Happy Gotcha Day.

Thanks, F.   I'm not sure who got who.  : )

Happy Gotcha Day!! Love the pictures!

Thank you, Laurie. 

What beautiful photos.  Haley you are one of a kind doodle - you handsome boy!  Congrats on 8 wonderful years.

Thank you, Linda. 

8th Gotcha day!  Congrats Haley!  You really capture some hearts!

Thank you, DonMarie.  Haley really did capture heart.

Oh my...such sweet gorgeous pictures!  Happy happy gotcha day darlin'. "Ain't it time slips away"  He doesn't look a day over 3!  Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

Thank you, Joani.



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