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Hi! We are looking at a golden doodle litter that will end up being about 45 pounds on average. I am worried this is too big and tricky for travel, cuddling, etc. I'm not looking for a lap dog, but don't want a dog that's too big, either. Can anyone send photos of a 45 pound doodle, and provide some insights on getting around with him/her?

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I don't know about 45 pounds, but Katie is almost 30 and when her hair is short she's just a little bitty thing. Not quite pocket sized, but I would call her a small dog. She's more dense than she is big. Ava is 65 and people think she's huge. I think it's because she has a big head and a lot of fur. Neither one of them is too big to sit on my lap. Neither one of them is small enough to ride under the seat of an airplane. They both travel nicely in the car and sleep in the bed. I would take either or both of them on vacation with me. The big one is actually easier because she's older and doesn't have as much wild and wiggly as the little one does. Some vacation spots allow dogs but have weight restrictions. But others are smart enough to know it's the dogs character more than size that determines if a dog is going to damage a place or not. After having dogs ranging from 4lbs to 65lbs I really love the size of the biggest one best. There's just something so huggable about her. But that said, I think a 45 pound dog would be a really nice medium size. 

One thing to keep in mind is, especially with a mixed breed like doodles, it seems that there is a lot of potential size variation. A litter that is expected to be 45 pound might be 30 or 75! But I think it's kind of like kids. They may turn out totally different than you expected, but you love the dog you have the best, and then you can't imagine them ever being different. 

Teddy is right around 50 pounds and I think he is the perfect size. I haven't done any plane travel with him, but he rides well in the backseat of the car and we take him on every vacation with us. I use VRBO and find homes that allow dogs. He doesn't realize he's not a lap dog and frequently climbs into my lap on the couch or when I'm in my reading chair. I've never had a dog before so couldn't tell you how he compares to a smaller more traditional lapdog, but I love his size. I agree with Stacy that there is just more substance to a bigger dog- easier to cuddle with and I don't feel like I'm going to 'break' him when we get to rough housing. I'm sure you will love any sized doodle you end up with! Good luck!

We have had two 50+ pound ALDs for ten years.  They travel well together in the back of the car.

We do not send them on the plane although we could I suppose.  They sleep with us, sit on our laps or next to us on the couch.  Roo is the ultimate cuddler and Tigger sometimes is.  Don't think it is a size thing if they cuddle or not.

We really can't imagine having small dogs.



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