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I am trying to figure out how big my 3 months old F1 Standard Goldendoodle (Male) will get?
(Parents: Father- 60lb slandered poodle Mother – 55lb Golden retriever)

Well the breeder told me the pup will be Standard (60-90 lb). But based on his current weight, I am bit worried he is not going to grow big. (I needed a big Goldendoodle).

Weight at 8 weeks = 5.9lb
Weight at 12 weeks = 16lb

Does anyone has experience with your dog/pup

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You cannot judge by the size of the parents as their size will not be the only contribution in the gene pool. Our very first doodle Malachi had 50 pound parents, he is 85 lbs and stands 26" tall at the shoulder! He is the largest puppy ever produced of his breeder. The best and closest predictor I have seen is the following:

Weight at 16 weeks, double then allow for 5-10 lbs. either way. Of course there are some factors that may throw this off slightly but this is the most accurate I have seen.
The 16 weeks equation has held true for the majority of doodles I have met. Golden or labs. My Murphy was 28 pds at 16 weeks and just turned one yr old and is 57 pds today. He could still grow some, but it shouldn't be more than 5-10 pds at the most. (Mother 60# Golden Ret./ Father 48# Poodle)
At 12 weeks old he's probably still gaining quickly. Ours did. Usually a few pounds a week. So in 4 weeks you could be up to 20-22 pds or more, so using the 16 week guesstimate, he could be 40-55 pds., it's possible he could be less than 40 pds, but not likely is my guess. And 55 pds is a very nice size. How big do you "need" him to be?
I'd love to have you keep us informed to see how he progresses. To see how he fits into the equation.
Here is a good group to follow--The Puppy Madness Group

There is a discussion in this group where we follow the growth and update in weights and heights of our puppies. Enjoy
Darwin was sixteen pounds at twelve weeks as well. But he is now 55 pounds at seven months, so I am pretty sure he is going to be 60-65 pounds when full grown.
There's something that seems a little odd to me about this discussion. For one thing, I don't believe I have ever seen anyone us the term "Slandered Poodle" before.
Also, why do you "need" him to be a certain weight? If you want a therapy dog, size within a few pounds doesn't really matter. You aren't thinking of breeding the dog, are you?
Anyway, weight doesn't always equal "big"...there are very big dogs who don't weigh much & very heavy dogs who are short.
My email notification said "Shan" had started this discussion; is it "Rein" or "Shan"?
I apologize if I'm totally off-base here, but with the "slandered" poodle and all, this seems kind of like a joke to me.
I was slightly confused about the "I need a big Goldendoodle" comment as well.
Hi Karen, Well it was "standard" and I miss-spelled it. The size "big" -the first time I saw a Goldendoodle, I saw a very big one. he was 85lb at 27", thats when I thought "I need a dog like this". Thanks. Rein
Hi Rein! I understand wanting a big dog, but I am serious that some of these guys look like they're 85# when they're only 60#. The most important thing is that your puppy is happy and healthy. :-)
My apologies again, and I must say I think you have a gift for mis-spellings! I LOVE the term "Slandered Poodle", lol!
Some poodles lovers would say this is exactly what a doodles are. :)
I have no wisdom on doodle sizing, but am greatly enjoying the typo! Thanks for the smile, even though it was inadvertant!
Typo: Slandered = Standard



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