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Hi everyone, I have a 5 month goldendoodle who is a major fluff ball. Her coat is mainly straight hair and when she is wet she is a little curly. Both of her sisters are curly. I have heard if I was to shave her she would probably come back curly. But I am very nervous to take that chance. Has anyone’s goldendoodle started out with straight hair and end up changing to curly as they got older? I am really hoping her coat will start waving up soon!

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It's an old wives tale that shaving the coat will make it grow back curlier. Pure hokum, with absolutely no basis in science or fact. I think her coat is gorgeous. And their coats do change as they get older and go through the coat change. But if this were my puppy, I'd be praying it stays like this, lol.

I absolutely love her coat, it is so soft. I am just hoping it will wave a little. I have noticed as she has gotten old that her coat is begining to change and some of her baby coat is slowly falling out.

Shaving does nothing but make them cold. Please don't shave her.  Her coat is very straight which I love - go figure, we always want what we don't have.... :-}   A lot of doodles get curlier adult coats than their puppy coats, so you still have a chance for her to get wavier.

My 3 doodles range from curly non-shedding, straight non-shedding, wavy shedding.  My straight haired doodle has the softest coat.

I don’t plan on shaving her! I just wasn’t sure if that was true about shaving her will change her coat to curly. With her straight coat she does shed a little but nothing major.
What a beautiful, full coat!
Thank you!
Yeti wasn't nearly as fluffy (love your fluff ball) but he was considerably straighter as a puppy. Once he grew his adult coat he got pretty curly!
Thank you, she is for sure a major fluff ball! His coat did change a lot, love it! I have noticed that as her hair gets longer her under coat is starting to curl up more! Thank you for the pictures, he is a cutie.



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