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I have the most beautiful flat coated open faced australian labradoodle. She is 2 years old. I have looked into flat coated doodles quite alot and it seems hard to find pictures of them. The pictures i have found of adult flat/open face labradoodles!...they look sooooo much like my girl! Like could be littermates. It's bizarre.

So I am curious to see if there are other ones out there with such similarities to my girl :)

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Your doodle is beautiful. There are doodles on here who look like her.

Wow--what a beauty!! I am amazed that she is an australian LD because the breeders of Australians that I know claim that their "breed" is the "authentic" one and is very consistent--her look certainly is not identical to all the others--so I guess that variety can happen with ALDs just like the American version of LDs.

Don't mind me--I just looked over a certain ALD website and got all peeved over the claims that were being made--as a matter of fact, I will start my own discussion about the claims this person (who shall remain nameless of course) was making--and we here at DK will prove her wrong!

I am sure you will agree that we have a bunch of doodles just like yours--really pretty sweet faces and expressions! Love the chocolate color too!

Beautiful coat and color!!

Thanks for your replies :) she really is a beauty if i do say so myself! Hah.

Also i should clear up that her mom is an f3 american labradoodle and her dad is a multi gen australian labradoodle.

I made another post in the group recomended above and have learned some more about her. I always found her so unique..she doesnt have a typical hair coat in my opinion but she sheds and her coat stays short. It is softer than any fleece coats i have petted!

Just joined!  have yet to meet another doodle like Finn!


I think Luna looks a lot like Finn :) There are some other doodles from my friends list (Anne G.'s Murphy and Terrlyn's Hurley come to mind) that look like Finn too.

Luna is a goldendoodle, but similar coat :)  Your girl is beautiful.



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