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Just got my golden doodle back from the groomer. Can't believe that groomer did such horrible job of trimming down the facial hair so much. Does the hair grow back? how long does it take? While I was waiting she stopped cutting and said she is done. Right after I left she obviously did lot more :(. He doesnt look like my baby at all.

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He looks darling, even with his haircut.  Doodles are excellent at growing hair, he will soon be his old self.

I can only tell you my own experiences, petsmart was a nightmare, another large well recommended grooming place was another nightmare of a different sort.  The two local places I tried were very nice and not nightmares, but did not really understand the "doodle cut".  I finally just lucked out as an ex professional show dog groomer started working two days a week at my vet's office.  She knew exactly how to "doodlecut", asked me if I wanted a beard, mustache, how long the body hair should be, and convinced me eventually to keep tails and ears a little shorter.

There is a doodle grooming group on DK with lots of advice and how to descriptions. 

On the internet there are several sites that have videos of "how to groom a doodle" and printable directions.  I would suggest taking the directions around to several places.   Good luck!!

It does grow back quick.  And first time grooms are almost always seem to be a shock.  We don't want our babies to change!

He looks fine! Its hard to tell from the pics you posted but I am guessing the second one you posted of him by himself was a "before" pic. Yes, don't worry, it will grow back and need to be cut again.

Dinah looked like a poodle after her first haircut.. It took about 3 weeks for Dinah to look better.   What's more is no one told me how cute she was for weeks,  baawl ! ...this week when we went in for a face trim they were all thanking me over and over for coming in....they had had another doodle come in with instructions!   just sayin'  i didnt mind the puppy cut for summer, and the timing for a possible shed.  what i hugely appreciated was the lovely long eyelashes were left intact --hard to do.

She also had straight hair from the blow dryer and didn't look herself.  Today--just the opposite, she made me play outside in the rain and is now Miss Curly Top.

He looks like a typically groomed doodle to me. His snout and eyes look just like my two do when they are groomed and not only is it necessary but cleaner to have the face groomed shorter.  If it wasn't cut this much, you'd have a bushy face again in 2 weeks.  You can ask her to leave it longer next time or take a picture of the length you like when it grows out and show her.  I just tell my groomer to do the Teddy Bear look and then the specifics that I want like leave tail long, don't pull ear hair, ( I do myself), no anal glands, (Vet does). 

I don't think your cute baby could look horrible no matter what a groomer did, he's just too adorable.

It took a while, still not the same hair but grew some of his hair back. Here is latest and now 8 months old.


Aw - cute!  I know the first time I had Zoey groomed, I didn't think it was my dog at first!  But she grew back quickly and now tell them exactly what I expect.  (I didn't return to the first groomer!)



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