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does anyone know if my Meah will have a facial beard?

she's 8 weeks old and is that red colour

she's an F1B 75% poodle and 25% GR

mother is a poodle, dad is a golden doodle 

thanks in advance

her hair on the top is wavy/curly as well as her ears 

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Yes, she will--she can not be open faced if she is 75% poodle--but it will be wispier than another doodle's might be--sometimes it takes a bit longer for the facial furnishings to grow in, but they will in her case. Check out these two pics and you will see what I mean--same dog in both pics!

oh wow thats crazy, looks like 2 completely different dogs 

so cute though :) 


Ginny, we do have several F1Bs here who do have open faces, and we've had discussions about how that's possible; it doesn;t seem like it could be, but it is. Lori's Pippa is completely smooth-faced with no furnishings whatsoever, and she is an F1B, 75% Poodle. One of the mysteries of doodles, lol. Here is Pippa:
I do think that Meah will have furnishings, though.

here's a few more pictures of meah  

and thank you 

Well, the first thing I would ask in this case is HOW HONEST was the breeder??  But if they were honest, than there must be exceptions to the rule. I did not know it was possible--they have genetic tests for this trait now--they would have to throw out that whole process, NO? One site did say that there are other genes that can control the facial hair and can mutate--I guess that must be what happened with Pippa? 

This is the test done by Animal Genetics company--among others. I always thought it was a guarantee with a poodle parent---but I am just an amateur.

F/F Furnishings The dog has two copies of the furnishings allele. The dog will have furnishings, and will always produce puppies with furnishings. 2 copies of Improper Coat, dog has Improper Coat, dog will NOT have longer hair on the muzzle and eyebrows.
F/f Furnishings Both the dominant and recessive alleles are detected. The dog will have furnishings, and carries the allele for no furnishings. The dog can pass on a copy of either allele to any offspring. 1 copy of Improper Coat, carrier, dog will have longer hair on the muzzle and eyebrows.
f/f Non-Furnishings The dog is negative for the furnishings gene. The dog will have no furnishings, and will always pass on the allele responsible for no furnishings to any offspring. No copies of Improper Coat, normal, dog will have longer hair on the muzzle and eyebrows.

It should be, because there is no such thing as Poodle without furnishings, and VetGen doesn't even list Poodles as one of the breeds that might need testing for either I/C or for the furnishings gene. But Pippa is not the only F1B here with an open face; there are even several multigen ALDs. 

I have to wonder about the genetics/pedigrees of the Poodles used by doodle breeders. 

We discussed this before; see your comments in this discussion:

Wow--totally forgot that--but it was 17 months ago! I guess i can cut myself some slack! I think the poodle genetics is the thing that might be suspect here, although the website I used above did say that there are other ways you can end up with no facial furnishings--they did not elaborate.

Pippa's litter had eight puppies. Five of them were "Doodly" and three of the were like Pippa. Genetics are a very interesting thing!

My f1 b is an open face :). We know the breeder is honest. We r super proud of her.
To the original poster. Your dog is beautiful!!!!

Your dog is beautiful!!

I learned something today then! Thanks for the revelations everyone!

Oh my doodle goodness!  So incredibly cute cute cute!!!  Gorgeous color.  By the looks of the way the fur is growing it sure looks like he will have furnishings on the face.  Either way, you have a beautiful baby!  Here's a picture of Skadi when she was little and then grown...she's an English Cream F1



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