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Hello. I am getting a goldendoodle and trying to figure out if I should get F1 or F1b. I know the allergy benefits, but what about looks and tempermant. Also, a lot of people say the males make better pets. One more question, are goldendoodles calm or not calm? What do you think? Thanks

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If you have allergies or want a nonshedding dog for NOT get an F1 -- chance of shedding is still VERY real for an F1. An F1b is not a 100% guarantee, but it certainly increases the odds in the low shedding arena. A responsible and ethical breeder with experience can help you choose for best result. Looks of a non-shedding F1b will be more poodle-like but not always. Temperament is virtually the same I think.

And as to males vs.'s debatable, but ultimately I think it makes little difference if you plan to neuter/spay. Here are some past discussions on this male vs. female issue:

As to 'calmness' or 'hyperness' depends on the dog. BOTH goldens and poodles are high energy generally, but as with all breeds and people, there will be variety. I have two labradoodles and one is high energy and constantly on the go and busy...the other is a lazy, mellow, guy. Same with goldendoodles. So your BEST bet is to pick a GOOD breeder with parent dogs that have the personality YOU want in a pup. ALSO, keep a steady conversation and open communication with the breeder so THEY know exactly what you want and can help you pick the right pup for your needs. Here's an article to help you choose a responsible breeder:

Hope this helps!
I have a female F1 Chocolate LB, who does not shed (she is 11 months old). We have only had female dogs. What have you heard that males make better pets? (not being rude - just curious)
I don't think that any are truly 'calm' but I have never met such sweet, loving dogs. I have been with minis and standards and they all have energy but will snuggle also. We drove fro NJ to Florida last week. Samantha slept most of the drive and was incredibly well behaved in the overstuffed car.
I have been to romps where there were 16 or more Doodles and they are incredibly sweet and even tempered. There has never been an act of agression no matter how many dogs were running after the same ball.
I believe that Doodles, like most big dogs, need lots of exercise & discipline; obviously love; they are very smart and can get into trouble if bored. Our Puppy Kindergarten teacher suggested and I listened to purchase the book "dog tricks for dummies" and it has been a blessing. Samantha just loves to perform her tricks. She loves the attention.
I hope I have helped. If I can answer any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.
I'm surprised she does not shed! I assumed she did because of her flatter coat...she's a beauty =) Some F1's don't evidenced by Adrianne's Samantha and others...but if your allergies are major or shedding is a deal breaker, the risk is considerable with an F1. BOTH of mine shed and they look totally different. One is curly and STILL sheds.
I got lucky - I saw Samantha, fell in love at first glance (is that a song) and brought her home. THEN did the research. VERY, VERY lucky!!
Yes, very lucky! I did the research before but didn't care much about shedding. Didn't want a curly one..and he still shed. LOL. Oh well, thankfully I'm not allergic! knock on wood!
Good idea, Sadie gets in trouble when she's bored! I'll get that book!
Hi Robert~

Congratulations on adding a new family member!
Our Gaston-Cramer is a 5 month old F1B Goldendoodle. As a whole, he's a VERY mellow puppy but that having been said he's also VERY much a puppy! We wouldn't want it any other way. I think if you are looking for a specific tempermant you should work with your breeder. But frankly, I think it's 98% on how you train them or any other dog and the enviornment you raise him/her in.

As far as looks....Gaston-Cramer's coat is RADICALLY different than one of his other litter mates. Their coats were flat and very golden retriever like. Choosing an F1B for coat doesn't always guarantee a curly coat if that's what you're looking for. That having been said though an F1B has a higher percentage of poodle so the odds are the coat with be curlier. Gaston-Cramer does not shed.

We couldn't be happier with our Gaston-Cramer. His personality is priceless! Best of luck in your quest and welcome to DoodleKisses!
Stella is an F1 GD. She only sheds very, very little when I brush her hair and it is really long… like it is now. When her hair is shorter then there is no shedding. So, I am not sure if she would be considered a “shedder” or not. I have mild to mid allergies and she doesn’t bother me at all.
When deciding to go with what type of doodle I first wanted a LD because I grew up with Labs. But I was talked into the GD because “Golden Retrievers have a calmer disposition” Now, I just recently filled out one of those dumb “25 things about me” e-mails and one of my 25 is “I stereotype more often than not” and apparently so do others in my household :-) With that being said I think that a Golden is known to be more “calm” but that doesn’t always make it true and a Lab is known to be a little more hyper but that isn’t always true. I think if you find a good breeder they breed for good temperament so it doesn’t matter. I have met quite a few and have yet to meet a bad doodle, LD or GD or AD for that matter!
Sorry got a little off topic. That didn't really have anything to do with F1 vs. F1B. Just my decision in looking for the calmest dog. Stella has a split personality to go with her split genes. All worked up and springy like your poodle father and sleeping at my feet the next like her retriever mother.
As far as the sex goes…. Let the puppy choose you and you can never go wrong.
From what I heard...F1 goldendoodles are much like F1B labradoodles in terms of coats (i.e. they are likely to be allergy friendly and not shed as much). The F1B goldendoodle coats can be high mainetenance. I've met several F1B goldendoodles and they have all been very very curly (poodle like coats) and their owners say they spend a lot of time grooming them. Now they all seem to be wonderful goofy great dogs...I just wanted to warn you about the coat and potential grooming commitment.

I have 2 male dogs and love the males. Some people say male dogs bond better to the family than females, but I have no experience with females :)
Ozzy is an F1 Goldendoodle and does not shed at all...Guess I got lucky....Zoey I am not sure of the generations there but she does not shed either..Woody my golden / lab mix. lets just say I am waiting for him to be bald one day from all that he sheds.
I second the grooming commitment statement! IF you get a low/non shedding dog, your grooming needs will be higher. Not necessarily a problem, but something you need to be prepared for.
I have an 17 month old F1 male GD and a 5 month old F1b female GD. As far as temperament, I would concentrate on the temperaments of the parents. And, ask the breeder lots of questions. I asked for the calmest puppies in the litter. My male is a very laid back guy. He loves people and dogs, but he could go to restaurants and be out in the public eye at a very young age and be very calm. He was always clam and laid back, not 100% of the time, but you could see it from the time he came home.

As far as male or female, I love both. My male is less territorial and excitable. My girl can be a stinker, sometimes. She's higher energy, but when we go to puppy class, she's by far the calmest.

As far as F1 or F1b, look at what the breeding pair produces. You should see pictures of adult dogs from the pair. My F1b will not be a curly coat. Her coat will be very similar to my F1. The breeder can guide you in coat type, they can tell very early on.

My F1 doesn't shed, however, since he doesn't shed, the coat requires more upkeep. When it gets long, 3-5 inches, it has to be brushed and checked for mats daily. My F1b does shed at the moment, but I think she's losing puppy hair. She won't have her, hopefully, non-shedding adult coat for awhile yet.

Both F1 and F1b temperaments are similar.



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