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Three short years ago during a major snowy blowy cold and freezing night, I picked Elli up from a home that no longer wanted the 6 year old wild child.  I brought her home and learned how little training Elli had received from her former owners.  She had been in several homes, no one knows for sure how many because the last owners did not know her history.  They kept her for 2 1/2 years...then gave her up.  My heart ached for Elli .  I wish I could tell everyone what a fairy tale life we have had since she came to live with us, but...she has given me a run for my money over the past few years.  Between getting skunked, quilled, tearing siding off the pole barn, and escaping several times, Elli has taught me more than I could have ever learned in any doggie text book!  

My wild child has settled down over the years...and has always always been completely full of love.  I worried at first that she would be missing her past owners, but my trainer told me "Unlike humans, dogs get on with their lives"...and so our story may not be a fairy tale, but I consider our "tail" a story of love that has helped overcome the challenge of taking in an older dog.  Elli is 9 years old (we think per the Vet) and Skadi who has been in our family since a puppy, are delightful together.  I have lots of fun taking their pictures and trying to figure out what they would be saying and thinking...if only the could tell us.

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Happy birthday Elli!

thank-you for the birthday wishes

What a grand story. Happy Birthday Elli.

Thank-you F....she's a darlin'

She's a lucky girl. Happy birthday.

thank you for the birthday wishes!

Love this!  I think all three of you are very lucky!  Happy Birthday Elli!

LOL...yes we are very lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful baby come live with us.

Happy Birthday! I am so glad she found her way to you!

Thank-you Laurie, Fudge & Vern...these kids sure are special!

Happy birthday month!!!!  Crying tears of joy that Elli found you...

Thanks so much...I'm glad we were able to take her into our home and into our hearts.



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