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Hi I have a one year old doodle. She is 55lbs. For the past few days she "occasionally" will do this cough, almost as though she is trying to cough up something. It doesn't happen frequently, but it is definitely noticeable. I become very worried when I started doing google searches because I kept seeing bloat...but that seems like it happens very quickly -- this has been going on for days. 

Should I take her to a vet or will this pass? 

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Could this possibly be reverse sneezing (don’t know the correct term but it googles with reverse sneezing in dogs? If you’ve never heard that before it can be scary sounding. Google it and see if it sounds like that. Sounds nothing like a sneeze actually but more like a cough in my opinion. It it is in fact this, it’s nothing to worry about. If it isn’t I would definitely get your fur baby to the vet to have it checked out. I’ve had dogs for 38 years of marriage and I’ve had one that did it frequently and a couple that did it every now and then. I just lost my Yorkie about a month ago and she did it lots but wasn’t my worst one. If it’s allergy season there it could be causing it to be worse for your doodle. Praying it’s nothing.

One of my dogs just had Kennel Cough, but that typically sounds more like a goose honking combined with a sort of chocking motion and hacking noise. What you are describing sounds much more tame than that. Could you record her when she coughs next and then drop by the vet's office and play the recording to one of the technicians? 



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