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Hi I have a one year old doodle. She is 55lbs. For the past few days she "occasionally" will do this cough, almost as though she is trying to cough up something. It doesn't happen frequently, but it is definitely noticeable. I become very worried when I started doing google searches because I kept seeing bloat...but that seems like it happens very quickly -- this has been going on for days. 

Should I take her to a vet or will this pass? 

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I can tell you it's not bloat. I'm not sure what you're seeing online, but a dry cough occasionally is not a symptom of bloat, and a dog who was showing symptoms of bloat for a few days without medical attention would no longer be alive. Here is some reliable information on bloat and I hope you never need it: Bloat: The Mother of All Emergencies

What it does sound like it might be is kennel cough (bordatella). But there is no way to know for sure without a vet visit. There have also been lots of dogs who got something stuck in their noses or the back of their throats. There are also some pretty nasty dog flus out there. Personally, I would take my dog to the vet. If it's been going on for a few days, it's something that needs looking at, and not likely to pass on it's own. 

I hope it's nothing serious. 

Thanks I think I agree - she has an appointment on the 27 but I think I’ll call tomorrow

I think that's a good idea. 

Cynthia, this morning a duplicate of this discussion appeared here in the forum again. Here's a link:

As long as nobody has replied to it, you can delete it. After that, all you can do is close it. It would be confusing to have two of the same discussion going at the same time, lol



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