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Does anyone know if the 3 doodles in the Facebook post this morning from Doodle Famiily have been reunited with their family yet? The picture shows 3 collared, seemingly well-groomed doodles in a cage at San Bernardino Animal Control: one red medium, one apricot smallish, one apricot smallest. I can’t get their faces out of my mind, and would like to know if they are ok, or if not, to spread the word to help look for their family.

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They most likely didn't have a family; they were probably breeding dogs and they either escaped from the puppy mill or were abandoned somewhere. They did not come into the shelter "well groomed", that much I can tell you. They were a matted mess.  Two of the three show evidence of having had litters in the recent past, and one of those is not even full grown. You do not want these dog "reunited" with whoever had them. There is a list of 10-12 people waiting to adopt them. DRC is monitoring them. 

This makes me sad. I didn't see the post that is referenced here, but thank you to DRC for looking after these girls and making sure that they have a soft place to land in the future. 

FYI, the So. Cal public shelters are overflowing with doodles of every kind and size. 

If I didn't live on the other side of the country, I would be happy to give one of those overflowing So Cal. doodles a loving home.  Belle, who has lost her fur-sister Honey and her BFF (and counter-surfing accomplice) Sophie the Cat, would be thrilled. Thanks for letting me know about the San Bernadino doodles.  

Newbie here - my first post. Going to show my ignorance - but how terribly sad.

My family very recently decided to get a Labradoodle (we have had Golden Retrievers in the past) & have put a deposit down on a puppy from someone who I think is a very reputable breeder.

You can find a description of what to look for in a breeder here on DK--Click on Help up in the top menu on the right hand side...hopefully, you have found a responsible breeder! Lots of great info here on our site!

These dogs are strays. The story you read is totally incorrect. All three are available for adoption tomorrow. There is a list of about 12 adopters for each girl. I checked them out today. My opinion is that they are back yard breeder escapees. No chips, not spayed, and in fact the smaller one is not even full grown and shows evidence of having puppies. Grooming was done by shelter. 

All three doodles were privately adopted.  Our rescue was on the list to get any or all of them if that hadn't been the case.  I will continue to monitor in case one or more gets returned.

Thank you, Nancy.



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