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My 2 year old doodle, Bo, ate his kibble mixed with can food yesterday around 6pm (as normal) and then I gave him his Centinel heartworm pill.

No unusual behavior yesterday evening and he ate no other food accept water.

This morning about 7am... while I was getting ready for the day and he was hanging out in my bedroom... he began to heave and vomited. It was a pile of food... with pieces of whole kibble that had not digested.

This has never happened before...  any time he has ever vomited it is usually soon after he eats (not 12 hours) or either he has thrown up in the mornings and it's just yellow bile because he has an empty stomach.

So here are my questions...

- is it normal for food to sit in his stomach for 12+ hours without digesting? He didn't eat anything else after 6pm last night.

- what about the Centinel pill... if the food didn't digest wondering if the pill just sat in his stomach with the food as well.  And if so.... did he just lose his heartworm and flea protection for the next month?

his behavior seems normal otherwise.


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He needs to see a vet, IMO. Food sitting in the stomach for 12 hours without being digested is a sign of a digestive problem and can even mean there is an obstruction. 

I would ask the vet your question about the Sentinel as well. I'm guessing that wasn't absorbed as needed either, but I don't know. 

Has he had Sentinel before? 

Thanks for your response. See my update below. As for the Sentinel... Vet said we really have no way of knowing if it dissolved or not... Unless I searched thru what he vomitted that morning and found it. Which I didnt do and dont know if I could have handled that if I tried. And yes... He has been taking Sentinel since the spring with no issues

I am so sorry.  Please update us when you see the vet.

Hmmm....hope everything is OK?

Thankfully Bo is fine. Vet could not find anything wrong. And as for the concern over blockage/obstruction he has had BM every day as usual. And he has been eating and behaving normal as well. Still a mystery how food could sit in his stomach for 12 hours without digesting. Who knows?? But thankfully all seems okay.

I'm glad he's okay. 

I'm glad he is okay.  I guess all of us get little things wrong once in a while then recover quickly.  I hope it was something simple like that.



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