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Would love input please- I'm feeling a need to give back and donate in Doodlie's name. In addition to DK site, I am looking at places that are doing research on hemangiosarcoma and other canine cancers- not sure what is the best direction to go. Your thoughts would be most welcomed. Thank you...Lisa

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The Morris Foundation does excellent work in researching health issues in animals, and has an ongoing Golden Retriever Lifetime Cancer study among other research projects aimed towards finding answers and cures. They have a number of ways to donate and memorialize your sweet Doodle.

Karen, I briefly read about them a week ago, thank you for redirecting me to their site. I hope breeders are taking a good look into these issues.  Then again I guess you have to professionally breed for a few decades to know all the hereditary issues.  Appreciate your time. 

Lisa, I am so sorry about Doolie.  I just lost my heart dog, Roo, in December, so the pain is still fresh and my heart goes out to you.  It is such a sad time.

I have worked and volunteered in non- profits all my life.  The general rule of thumb is that they should use a minimum of 2/3 of their income for their charity.  Above 3/4 of their income to the purpose is what I prefer.  My personal feeling is that donating to a local ( not statewide or national) charity is your best bet.  There are outstanding world wide, national and statewide charities also.

If you have some charities in mind just google their name and look for their year end reports. In addition there are some sites that rank large charities.  Rather than give you a specific site just google non profit ranking or returns.

That said, some very good recipients of your remembrance are not 501c3s (legal charities) and if you know about them personally your money usually goes straight to helping their cause.  Becoming a 501c3 is too much bookkeeping and paperwork for small entities like most dog rescues.  If you are not giving big money and want to take it off your taxes it doesn't matter that much, at least to me since I don't give "big" money. I think you can currently take below $250 off your taxes with no documentation.  Probably a DK accountant will chime in after me with the current correct information.

Again hugs and sympathy for your aching heart.  I am certain Doolie, Roo, and all the recent doodles that have left us are running and playing across the rainbow bridge.  must stop, can't see through my tears.  

Maryann I am saddened to hear about Roo. He was absolutely adorable.

Today marks one month since Doodlie's passing and I am still crushed.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge of non profits.  Important insight.  

Be well, 

What a sweet thought--and I am so sorry about your loss--I just want to chime in with a shout out for another doodle charity in need of help--no, not the type you are thinking of, but Doodle Rescue Collective not only re-homes doodles, but helps many with health issues such as heartworm or surgeries that their owners could not afford so they took them to a shelter. 

Just another thought. 

Thank you Ginny.



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