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I am an avid gardener and although I wanted a female I have been dreading the upcoming yellow grass problem from female urination. I was researching on Google today and ran across information that said two things.

1- If you take a water bottle out with you and sprinkle it over where they pee, the grass will not yellow.

2-If the grass is alreadynyellow, sprinkle with water and then sprinkle with plain sugar and the grass will return to being green

3-Throw some lime on your grass twice a year to help keep it green

Any thoughts on this???

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ALL urine burns grass.  Urine is high in nitrogen...just part of what makes urine urine.  And nitrogen is a fertilizer so essentially pee OVERfertilizes grass to the point of burning it.  Dousing with water immediately dilutes the urine and nitrogen so it isn't so concentrated.  Kind of hard to keep up with though but with one dog might be possible a little more.  There's nothing special about female dog is just that males tend to spread out their pee more and girls tend to go all in one spot.  Not the same spot every time...but just more volume in one area.  However dogs vary and if a male dog doesn't mark it doesn't make a diff.
No difference at all if both of them squat and pee in one spot. In fact, Luca is worse because he goes less frequently and therefore has  greater volume.
I've heard the sugar thing as well and am really interested in some answers, as we are getting brand new sod installed starting tomorrow!  I know many people that use lime to keep it green...what I don't know is if this is on lawns with dog urine stains....I will ask the landscaper tomorrow =)
Lime is good for grass if the soil is too acidic. Whether this would help at all with urine, I have no idea. I kind of doubt it since the usual pH  of dog urine is between 5.5 and 7, seven being neutral. You can over lime lawns.
We heard that sugar will neutralize the soil  As for lime, it's probably not too healthy to put on the grass and then let our Doodles go on that spot.   We put lime on our lawn over the winter in the area where our Doodles were not going.  There was a blog on line about putting some sugar on the lawn, then adding some flour, water alot and then you will have a cupcake.  As for the females leaving yellow stains, our one Doodles' urine is very strong and leaves lot of yellow marks on the lawn and our other Doodle is not so bad.  When we were selling our house, we bought spray for the lawn to color up the yellow stains (the spray was just food color meant to cover up the yellow stains) and it temporarily did the trick.  As for a nice lawn, it's very difficult with dogs.  We looked at Canine Grass but it's not in our bugdet until we win the lottery.
We priced canine grass yard is about 20ft by 100ft (not even) and we were quoted at upwards of 20 grand....I thought the man was kidding......Unfortunately, he was not lol.
We bet you had a quote from Jason too???  He actually increased the price from the last time he came last year.  We were actually going to have a smaller section of our yard done by him but were not too happy with his quote.  We met several other vendors at the Edison dog show and they had a better product with more drainage.  They were from Sea therefore, some bucks!  We are not looking at Canine Grass any time in the near future.  We recently seeded and are keeping our Doodles off the lawn for awhile.  Then we start all over again from scratch next season after they run and play on the lawn.
The only sure way to keep your dogs from turning your lawn yellow is to let them pee on someone else's lawn, of course, this will not make you very popular in your neighbourhood. We aways take Quincy outside the yard on a piece of no mans land that we grassed and take care of.  If he does pee in the yard we just wash it down with the hose really well. This only works for us because he is never left outside unsupervised.
LOL.. now you're onto something, Donna!!!  If we did the sugar thing... our lawn would be covered in ANTS!  we have very sandy soil!  Tori's potty place is now basically dirt... grass will grow now that spring is here, but will soon die off from the potty stains, so... I remember  a post last year regarding what to use on potty areas.  There was talk of pebbles, mulch, and even fake grass.... I'll see if I can find it...
We had sprinklers in our yard when we had sod in our previous house and it didn't help.  As others mention, you need to water it down as soon as it happens.  Maybe walk around with a watering can after your Doodle!!!!!!!!!!!  Then, they can also get a drink of cool water at the same time, then pee again, then drink, then pee again, then drink..............
LOL my uncle has two schnauzers and he actually does this....walks around with a watering can after them.  (His lawn is gorgeous, but his pups are much smaller than mine!) hehehhe
Yep, it's hard to be neurotic when you have a Doodle.  Our landscaper is not happy with our lawn and said we have lots of patience.  We said, no, we have lots of Love (that is from our Doodles!)



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