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Do yall think my doodles muzzle will grow or will he be a straight coat retrievier type.

Harry is 10 weeks and small he weighs about 6 lbs. Both of his parents are mini doodles and he was the only one in the litter that turned out straighter than the others after being wavy when born. We picked them out at 1-2 weeks which I thought was way too early. We love him regardless of his appearance but I am wanting to get another one that is teddy bear appearance. When do their coats usually change?

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Pictures would help here! He has a long way to go before you know his final appearance--could take a year or more.

I cant figure out to upload them on my phone to the discussion.

Rachel - click on the icon at the top of where you are posting a reply.  Then move around on your phone screen until you find and click on the part says choose a file; then (on my iphone) it says Take a photo, Photo library.  Click on Photo Library. I have my photos in albums - one exclusively for my dogs - I scroll to that and choose one, like this; press okay and it will appear here:

My phone screen is smallish, so I have to move around to find the places to click on.

Thank you!!! 

OK--looked at some pics and he might not have the longer hairs on his muzzle, but that does make it much easier to keep it clean and less water dripping all over the floor. I will say though that I once raised a pup with his appearance and that pup became a fluff ball at 1 year of age--hard to say what will happen. Here he is at one year and below that, 8 weeks.

Love him!! He is beautiful

I just love the look of your doodle dude!! He is seriously so beautiful and I’m holding out hope that Cooper will end up having his fur grow out more. His is so short right now. And he use to be so shaggy. Thanks for giving me hope!!

Hard to say right now for sure, but he sure is adorable. Annabelle was a wavy light golden color when we brought her home at 10 weeks, and not much of a muzzle, not like some the other doodles. Then she started to slowly lighten and but had a golden race stripe down her back for about 2 years, now she is a curly cream color and her stripe has finally disappeared for the most part. She had a good muzzle by a year, where she looked like a doodle. She is 3.5 years old now.

The furnishings (facial hair around muzzle, eyebrows, etc which give that "teddy bear" look) is a separate thing from the curliness or straightness of the coat, and really doesn;t have all that much to do with it. I have seen completely flat coated and straight coated doodles with plenty of furnishings (My Jack was one of them) and I've seen curly coated doodles without furnishings. There are separate genes for these things.
One thing I have noticed though, is that puppies with ears that looked crimped (really curly and almost kinky) tend not to have the furnishings. And I know that most good doodle breeders are aware of this, because it was a goldendoodle breeder who first mentioned it to me.
In this picture of Harry, the ears make me think that he may not have furnishings, but no way to know for sure.

curly ears = no furnishings? I have not seen that at all--but you never know!

Not curly, really...kinky. Crimped. And standing out from the head more than usual. Let me find you some examples. 

Nala has these crimped ears :) although as a pup she didn’t have these fly away hairs on her ears. She also has a curly neck and the most beautiful tail. Here are here crimped ears :)



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