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Do yall think my doodles muzzle will grow or will he be a straight coat retrievier type.

Harry is 10 weeks and small he weighs about 6 lbs. Both of his parents are mini doodles and he was the only one in the litter that turned out straighter than the others after being wavy when born. We picked them out at 1-2 weeks which I thought was way too early. We love him regardless of his appearance but I am wanting to get another one that is teddy bear appearance. When do their coats usually change?

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My Jack: not a curl on him, but lots of furnishings! 

Jack is soooo beautiful! 

Thank you. 

I think Annabelle has the crimped ears. She doesn't have near the facial furnishings as a lot of doodles, certainly not like Jack. I tell the groomer to keep her ears long so she will look more like a doodle. Otherwise her ears are short and don't lay flat.

Oh, Annabelle has plenty of furnishings, they are just thick and curly and don;t hang down like Jack's, lol. But in this picture, I do see what you mean about her ears:

Yes, that photo really does point out what I'm talking about. When she was a puppy, before I started keeping her ears longer, her ears would always flip over her head where ear canals were exposed. I couldn't keep them down. 

Thanks for sharing that Amy.  I think Annabelle looks very doodly, and I never paid attention to your ear 'camouflage' like we humans do. It's good for me to recognize this when I go to shelters for the rescue I volunteer with.

I, too, pondered the very same when Nala was a pup- everyone else is right, it does take a little time. I thought Nala would have a straighter coat but she is curlier than expected as an adult. Here are pics of her at 8 weeks, and fully grown (she just turned 3)!

She is beautiful!!

She sure is!



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