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I can't believe how long and curly Sheeba's eyelashes can become if I let them grow out too long. They will obstruct her vision, they grow so long and curly. When I have her groomed, I make sure they clip her eyelashes when they are out of control.

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I love the long lashes! Just wish Sheeba's weren't so curly!

Nancie, I was thinking Gracie and Murphy could be look a likes for the twin post in the forum. I was looking for more pictures of her but didn't see any that they looked alike except the one in the slideshow on the main page. I don;t know how to take it from there to post onto another discussion. Do you?

Our goldendoodle, Woody, has nice long eyelashes that curve upward.  It is amazing how many people notice his eyelashes.  He gets lots of nice comments about them.  My wife says she wishes hers were like that.
Rooney's lashes are about 1.5 inches and he is a mini!  I think they help hold up the hair from being in his eyes - I would never trim them - they are beautiful!
Dexter & Kirby have crazy long eyelashes. Kirby's blend in more because they are the same color as the hair around his eyes. Dex's stick out because his lashes are apricot and his fur is white.

I love them but my husband insists they get trimmed because they get out of control.
It is amazing to me how many doodles have beautiful long lashes! Thanks for all of the wonderful photo's to see the lashes! My poor Sheeba...if only her's would grow out straight and sweep to the side. I think I'm going to have to give it another try and really take a good look at her lashes (with my glasses on)...I'm hoping that maybe it's her hair getting tangled in her lashes.
Max has really long lashes too although they aren't very noticeable since they blend with his fur. I sometimes trim them when they get too long.

Murphy's are about 3 inches long now, I will trim in a few weeks as they will get to look like wings if I don't.!!

Wow! Just look at those beautiful eyelashes on Murphy!
Thank you Becky. And of course the boy would have beautiful long lashes and my girl Bella has bald eyes!  Just like my babies when they were born. Daughter was a cue ball and son needed a haircut when he came out!!!
How cute! I have Sheeba our labradoodle and a pom Sassy. I'm trying to talk my hubby into getting another doodle...hopefully we'll have another one some day.



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