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He has the squirts again! I don’t know what he got into now, but I worry about him as much as I do with my kids. He’s playing like he normally does  (cuddled up with us on the couch) but he doesn’t want to eat he ate a little bit of his Kimble last night about a cup worth but this morning he didn’t want to eat it just some sweet potato. He also has green watery diarrhea not sure if to wait till Monday to call the vet or what? 

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With this being the weekend, I'd call the vet now rather than risk ending up in the ER over the weekend. 

He’s back to normal now thank goodness looks like he might be sensitive to chicken since that was the only thing I had done different in our routine 

When Luna was little we noticed chicken-based food didn't sit too well with her.  Since then we've avoided chicken formulas of kibble.  She's probably ok now (she has chicken occasionally) but there are plenty of other flavors so we just avoid it anyway.

That being said - green watery diarrhea sounds more like a GI infection than anything, so if it comes back I'd take him to the vet.

In what way did you introduce chicken? A new food? Cooked chicken? 

It was cooked chicken and the last time I gave him some clocked chicken he did the same thing too 

Plain boiled white meat chicken would most likely not have caused an issue, but if this was dark meat, or contained any skin or fat, or you used seasonings, salt, etc during cooking, I'd say that was the problem. 
At any rate, I'd stop giving him these "extras" and stick to his regular diet. 



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