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Recently the option for members to delete their own discussions has been changed.  Members can now only delete discussions they have started up until someone responds to that discussion.  This is a system platform change and not something I have control over. 


However, the purpose is to prevent the loss of valuable content that others take the time to contribute.  If you start a discussion and people take the time to respond, it's only fair that their input is not just wiped away by someone else with one click of the cursor. 


So I'm letting you know because several people have been asking me to remove their discussions lately.  I don't want to set a precedent of cleaning up others' discussions once they are posted. If you find your discussion in error, you can edit it and make the necessary changes.  If you change your mind, then you can also edit it to say so and close the discussion.  But unless a discussion is in major violation of our Community Guidelines, I would prefer not to get requests for its deletion.


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I'm not sure.  You should write a test blog and see if you can delete it.
Sorry Adina, your sour cream paint comment is lost to posterity since you can delete a blog!

Wow.  Spooky.  There is a like button, but where is the thumbs down button?

This is one reason I don't use Facebook.  Everything can and will be used against you. FOREVER. 

I think I only deleted ONE discussion.  After several hours it appeared to be harmful to another member.  First I closed the discussion and the next day deleted.   No one thought it a problem.   The discussion was revised and replaced and we all lived happily after


I am with Karen as to the fact that we all make mistakes and it is sad that we can't undo it and save embarrassment for all time. I  am sorry that it could follow us forever, but then I find that offensive about our society in general.   If we can't we can't, but it is good to know that we can edit because editing can change the discussion to meaningless jibberish which is what I would do.  The comments might stand but the original post would be mush. :-}  And it is why I don't participate in Facebook.
I was thinking along the lines of you could delete all text : )
My idea also, F.  Sometimes this stuff won't let you leave blanks, so you might have to put random letters or announce that the discussion was deleted as your edit.  Hopefully we won't write something we want to erase and won't have to figure it out.
The other day I deleted a folder of pictures from my page.  Really ugly pictures from a romp.  Basically meaningless and clutter.  Do we see this it going in this direction too?



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