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Both my doodles are 'hot dogs'.... with warmer temperatures finally here, I keep their fur clipped shorter, but am thinking about purchasing a cooling mat for them.  Does anyone have one? What are your recommendations? Certain size? Brand?  

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My husband bought a cooling pad for one of our doods because she gets so uncomfortable on hot days that she will go into the bathroom and sleep on the tile floor.  She really seems to like it and they work well.  34 x 23.  The Green Pet Shop.  My girl is 56 #'s.

Thank you!  I have invested in one, just waiting for it to come in.  Both my doodles tend to sleep on the tiled or hardwood floor when they are hot. Would rather them have a cushion that is cool for them to rest their heads on :) 

Ours spend a lot of time on our tile floors summer and winter.

I have an interest in cooling mats too.  I'm curious if they are stored in a car (out of the sun) for a few hours, will it work?  I'm thinking of using it to cool off after a hike for the ride home.  Has anyone tried this?

Roxy has been spending allot of time sleeping on the concrete floor over the tile in the house.  I need to look into the cooling pads.

My guys like our tile floors. That seems good enough to me.



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