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From doing a search I know that many are using Comfortis.  Our vet has suggested that we begin using it on Bailey (now five months old and 16 Lbs). He did a sample at the beginning of February and seemed tom tolerate it fine.  I am nor sure if it is really needed because I am not sure how prevalent fleas and ticks are on the California Central Coast; however, my question is for those using Comfortis over a period of time - do you give it each month (as recommended) and have you noticed anything over the long-term use of it?

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There was an FDA warning issued in 2008 regarding a possible interaction between Comfortis (spinosad) and ivermectin. Since ivermectin is the drug dogs take to prevent heartworm and other parasites, I would be concerned about that. There seem to be more side effects from Comfortis than with other flea preventatives. I personally prefer to use the topical flea preventatives, which while not free of possible side-effects, put less chemicals into the dog's system than a pill does.
With all the comtroversy over the use of flea & tick preventatives, and the risk VS benefit debate, I asked Jack's specialist about this. Due to Jack's immune system problems, not using any flea preventative is not an option for us. However, his specialist, who is board certified in veterinary dermatology & immunology, advised me that the topicals are generally less risky in terms of adverse reactions than the oral meds. I also would definitely not give any of them year round unless there is a very good reason to do so.
I had never read about that warning but I can speak from personal experience. When Gaston-Cramer was old enough for heartworm and flea preventative we were advised by our vet to put him on Interceptor and Comfortis. The nurses did say to give the Comfortis with food as it would possibly upset his tummy. He did fine the first month....the second month he vomitted terribly for two days.....never made the connection that it was the combo ( thought he just had upset puppy tummy).....the third month it happened again. I immediately took him off the Comfortis and used Frontline Plus and he's never had an issue since! I personally would not use Comfortis and have since read more about the combo and would suggest against it as well. In our area fleas and ticks are prevelant for about 3-4 months of the year. During that time is when I use the Frontline Plus and not during the other months...not necessary :)

Your Bailey is just adorable Jerry!
I never heard of Comfortis, but I had a similar reaction with Tori with Heartgard. Did you ever hear of that happening with the Heartgard? I actually stopped giving it to her as the fall season got into full swing. I'm afraid to give it to her again especially with all of her sensitive tummy issues. Don't know if it could be the ivermectin????
Ivermectin is given to most puppies for worming, it's usually very safe. Oh, but Shelly, doesn't Tori have Aussie in her? I think certain herding breeds don't do so well with ivermectin, not sure if Aussies are among them. Interceptor uses a different drug for heartworm prevention in dogs who don't tolerate ivermectin.
Thanks Karen. Yes Tori is half australian shep. I did too hear that "white footed" dogs have issues with ivermectin. I actually saw Interceptor mentioned on another site as a preventative they recommend. Think I will try that instead... so much to worry about with Spring coming up, but oh the thought of "Spring" just warms my heart! lol
Thanks again!
Hey Shelly! We use Interceptor and really like it. Timbow has never had a problem with it. It is a pill though, and I give it to him with a little bit of peanut butter.
We have been using Frontline on Timbow and felt like it wasn't working at all. He would also go crazy when we tried to put it on him (he would itch and run away from the smell). Our vet told us to switch to Comfortis. I read about the combo of heart medicine and comfortis too, so I gave Timbow his heart medicine and waited two weeks before giving him the comfortis. He has done great so far (this is our first month). I have read that it can work longer than a month, so I am only going to give it to him every month and a half, see how that works and then stop giving it to him when it gets cool again next winter. We have a major flea problem in the south and I was not going to sit by with Frontline and watch him scratch (not to mention that I would sit with Timbow every night and pull fleas off and kill them myself). I haven't used it long term, but I know there are a few dk people that have and are happy with it. We are happy so far, but if I do see any sign of sickness he will come right off of it.
As usual controversy! I read in other places that some people used Frontline but after a while that stopped working - then they used Comfortis and had nothing but success. I guess we'll use it because we do have ticks here (we are surrounded by eucalyptus trees) - and our vet did recommend it.

I think the other issue we have is that we really don't have mosquitoes here (our average temperature is approximately 68 year round) - so I don't know if we'll put Bailey on heartworm prevention.

Carole: thanks for the compliment!
Jerry, I would talk to the vet about the heartworm issue. Heartworm is a deadly disease, the treatment is long, difficult & expensive, and many dogs don't survive it. Make sure there is no threat of heartworm in your area...the vet should know the statistics.
Jerry, I am confused of why your vet is recommending comfortis for ticks? I have heard that it is primarily for fleas and not ticks?! I agree with Karen though, heartworm preventative is very important!
Our vet is not necessarily recommending Comfortis for ticks. I believe she is recommending it for overall protection. While we probably do have problems with fleas in this area - we probably have equal problems with ticks - it was my interpretation that it can control ticks because the description states it can eliminate "blood sucking parasites" - which are ticks. However, my interpretation might be incorrect. .
What about K9 Advantix? Only problem with it is that it is dangerous to cats, so my vet recommends not using it if you have cats at home.
This is the only medicine that keeps the ticks off my dogs and actually kills the fleas immediately. I do not like Frontline either!!!!



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