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Hey everyone I have been following a few of the coat discussion posts and I too have questions about my doodles coat. 

Cooper is our goldendoodle. His mom is a very red looking golden retriever (almost looked Irish setter red)  and his dad is a standard red poodle. 

He recently shed out all of his long fur and is now sporting a short, very wavy coat. (My vet told me not to worry that it was a coat change, especially since shedding all his long fur out he hasn’t shed anything since) He has a lot of curl around his face, such as his ears, neck, face. He has started getting longer hairs where his beard would be but doesn’t actually have a beard at 17 weeks. Does anyone think his fur will grow longer and him be pretty shaggy looking (I’ve had my heart set on him growing a good shaggy/wavy coat) And will he end up having a beard? 

I can try and upload pictures from the time we got him to about a month ago. Sorry nothing too recent and he is sleeping so I’m not going to poke the bear (because he is a spaz when awake! Lots and lots of energy)

Please excuse all of the punctuation and grammar errors, typing super fast. 

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Really need some current pics.

What a cutie! I would guess he has an open face--without furnishings, but it is too early to tell and these pics are too old to know what is happening now....I have never heard of a pup shedding their puppy coat that early--usually closer to a year old. So, he might be showing a seasonal shed? I have an F1 doodle that sheds more in the spring and fall --so I don't know the answer to that one. 

He is adorable, but he does have an open face. 

So does this mean that he won’t end up shaggy looking?

Yes. He doesn't have furnishings, which is the beard mustaches, eyebrows etc that give the typical shaggy look. If you read through this discussion, you'll see examples I posted of other doodles here who have open faces, both as pups and adults. One thing they all seems to have in common are ears that look crimped and stand out from the head, like Cooper's:

I agree with Karen, but he will have a shaggy wavy body and the face will be much easier to keep clean and unmatted and he will not drip water all over the floor when he has a drink!

I really hope that he does get shaggier!! The no beard isn’t that big of a deal. I just always thought first generations usually had beards. Thank you again for your answers!!

He is adorable!  Just curious, did you actually see the Mom and Dad?



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