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This is little George Michael Bolton, now six weeks. We bring him home in a few weeks (10 weeks), but wanted to get thoughts from you all on what you think his coat/color/general "look" might be. I realize it is always a bit of a genetic crap shoot, but I have enjoyed reading the threads and guesses (plus just can't stop looking at his little face!)

Mom is a reddish poodle dad is a red goldendoodle, so he is an F1b. 

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Well my Jake lighted up quite a bit.

He was also straighter as a pup.

Below are puppy and now (14 months) pics.

He is such a handsome guy -- love how is just lounging! :) 

He appears so mellow ;)
Okay predictions...
Very doodly
Absolutely too cute for words!
Keep updating pix please-soo fun

Ivy and Oliver, both are ALD's.  Ivy is the first pic and Oliver the second.  Ivy is on the left and Oliver on the right in the third pic.  It is difficult to see but Oliver is very wooly and curly and Ivy is wavy fleece.  Again hard to tell but Ivy is definitely more reddish than Ivy.  However George Michael Bolton turns out, he is adorable!

Oh man! I totally want to cuddle those pups!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!! 

Most doodles fade - some a tiny bit and some dramaatically.  Some goldendoodles darken with age like some golden retrievers do.  My Clancy was cream with red highlights - age two when we adopted him.  Now he is mostly apricot all over except his face which stayed cream.

Oh my he's cute!  He looks to me that he'll be wavy.  His color is beautiful and rich but it seems most Doodles lighten up. Maybe he'll be one that keeps his color.

Always so much fun to see how they change as they grow up.  I predict that he will lighten to a sort of creamy color and I think he will have a curly coat.  Whatever, he will be adorable.  Look forward to watching him grow.

Cute pup who will be curly I think.

Thanks all! We are so excited to bring him home and watch as he develops, and of course, I can't wait to see what he will ultimately look like! My last dog was an adult rescue who was well past his puppy zoomies/destructive chewing/house training years, so I have been trying to  prepare myself for the inevitable land shark phase!  Thankfully these little nightmares come in such adorable packaging! 



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