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Hello doodle parents!

Beamer is my 16 week old F1 standard goldendoodle. 

For the past 1.5 weeks I have noticed that Beamer has been shedding and we have little tumbleweeds of fur all around the house! Additionally, he has developed thick, coarse, dry hair all along his back. This hair is darker than his soft fleecy hair. I’ve attached pictures to this post. 

Is this part of a coat change or should I be concerned about a possible allergy? 

As a first time doodle parent, I’m not quite sure what to expect. If this is part of a coat change, will this be his adult coat or is he going to be fleecy all over like the rest of his body? 

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Thank you for the clarification, Nancy!

So the stripe is just a change in the coat that happens but is not part of the transition to the adult coat? 

Yes. :-}   Not all dogs get the stripe and I don't know why. 

The strip of coarse hair is perfectly normal.     Banjo had the same thing happen at that age...and it gradually widened down towards his sides.    In time (and it now seems like a very short time) it all gradually disappeared.    He now has a lovely, soft coat.     He did shed a bit during that time.      Now, I would describe him as a light shedder.    If I don't sweep or vac for a week or more....I'm apt to find little puff balls in the corners.     I do remember him looking like a little patch work quilt with some crazy hair for a couple of months back then.

Thanks for your reply Carol!

As a first time doodle owneer I was pretty concerned about this change but now that other owners are sharing their similar experience with this, I’m not so worried anymore! 

Banjo is so handsome and has a lovely coat!  

Right now Beamer has a doodled out head but his body is sporting some crazy hair! It’s interesting to see how he changes from week to week. 

I understand your concern, I remember feeling the same way.    Beamer is a real cutie!    Looking forward to seeing his changes!

Here’s an update on Beamer’s hair. It definitely has a mind of its own! 

What a cutie!



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