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Hi everyone! Thank you to everyone who helped me narrow down my puppy choices! I'm going with the third choice-- a very experienced breeder who raises great puppies in her home with lots of early stimulation, socialization, health-testing, the works!!!

But now there are two puppies that have become available from this same breeder, one that will be 8 weeks old when I bring her home, and the other one will be 14/15 weeks old when I bring her home.

8 weeks.... 14 weeks.... doesn't sound like it matters, but all the books talk about how drastically different the socialization stages are in dogs. I've asked the breeder for her advice, and I'm waiting to hear back. Just curious what doodle parents on here think.  Both puppies are coming from great environments, similar in size, with very genetically sound parents.

Thanks again!!!

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I think though that I would ask the breeder about their temperments ... I wouldn't tell her what I was looking for and then let her decide.  I would want her thoughts upfront.  A breeder with a 14 week old pup and an 8 week old pup, hum, which one is easier to sell.  I wouldn't want her to just choose based on that.

Oh good idea! Yes, I'll definitely do that! I scheduled a phone call with her on Sunday to talk puppies! Thanks

Why is puppy #2 available? If the puppy has been with the breeder should have gotten a lot more training and be more expensive.

I personally would always pick an 8 week old. You don't get to have little puppies often in your life and yes it has it's downside, but they are also so much fun. Also, I want that you puppy in my home, with me and my family and my dog(s) in those crucial weeks.



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