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Hi everyone! I'm new here and will soon be a first time puppy mom! I'm on lists for three different puppies from three different breeders, and each one has it's own unique circumstances. All three are female, mini goldendoodles. I will only bring her home once my summer break starts in June. I need help choosing which one to move forward with!

Puppy #1: Will be 13.5 weeks when I first get her and will have 4 weeks of training with an outside trainer, but didn't necessarily receive a lot of enrichment from birth to 8-weeks old. This puppy wasn't raised inside the breeder's home, but she is a very popular breeder and not a puppy mill. She has lots of different litters so I'm not sure how much individual attention my puppy is actually recieving. Parents are all health-tested.

Puppy #2: Will be 11 weeks when I bring her home with no formal training. This puppy is raised at home and she's receiving lots of attention, but not necessarily any deliberate early neurological stimulation. This is not through a breeder, but rather a family whose dogs had puppies who are now looking for good homes. Parents not health-tested, but both parent dogs are healthy and strong. 

Puppy #3 Will be 8 weeks when I bring her home. No formal training, but raised in a VERY enriching, attentive environment. The breeders are well versed in Puppy Culture and experts at raising well socialized puppies from birth to 8-weeks. Very positive, clicker-training, approach to raising dogs. Health-tested parents.

I'm a teacher who works at a school that serves kids with special needs so I have plans for my dog to go into therapy work. I'm torn because I don't want to miss those early puppy stages at 8-weeks, but I'm also new to puppy training. I'd really appreciate your thoughts!! Thanks!!!!!!

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Yes! I just recently watched the Puppy Culture DVD and was blown away!! Learned so much about puppy development! Thanks for your reply. I can't wait for summer!!



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