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All i know is that since production was shifted to the US, my dog won't eat this food. 

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Lawsuit filed against Champion Pet Food - Acana and Orijen

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I read about this last night and I'm very upset about it. I will be following the issue closely. 

I have not found Susan Thixton to be accurate with her information in the past, so I'm looking for facts about this through a more accurate source. So far, I can't find anything other than this article from Thixton's blog.

In the meantime, I urge those who are using Champion foods not to panic, and please come see us in the Food Group if you want some help switching to another brand/formula. 

This is also very concerning to me.  I have been feeding my dogs Acana since they were pups.  I recently started to have issues with Oliver and Ivy not eating but attributed it to the fact that we moved to a new house and before we even got settled in, we came to our Florida house for the winter.  I am still having eating issues with both my dogs.  

I have found the law suit on line.  It is a available to the public through the District Court website, but you would need a PACER login to view,  So far, only the complaint has been filed and orders admitting out of state attorneys to appear. 

I actually saw the article on the law suit in my feed right before my flight took off from Seattle last night. I posted in hopes you would know about this and dispel my fears by the time I landed as you are my go-to expert on the best food options.  So thank you for any information as I know you and others in this group stay up to date.  I have not yet done much research on it as I just got off the plane for a busy week of meetings on this side of the pond. I will be following closely.  

This followed another woman's post who lost her doodle after years of feeding Blue Buffalo and the autopsy showed heavy metal poisoning....  so need to get to the bottom of this or start feeding "cooked raw". (Raw food that I boil in its pouch to kill off any bacteria...

Champion did publish a response on their facebook page.

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The Complaint is over 70 pages and truthfully, I didn't read it all that carefully, being at work right now, but I was looking for the basis of the testing and the labs involved and didn't see that information in the Complaint.  I think I can attach the Complaint here...just wondering if it's too big and if it's necessary.

There is an environmental group that sprung up out of nowhere last year and put out all this type of information about heavy metals in pet food, along with a list of their "best" and "worst" foods. We had a discussion here about it, I have to see if I can find it.
The group had an agenda. They listed as "best" some really terrible foods that contain all kinds of artificial preservatives and colorings that have been linked to cancer in both humans and dogs, along with corn, wheat, fillers, etc. When people questioned them, they responded that they were not looking at nutrition, only heavy metal contaminants. I did a little research, and they in fact have no real interest in pets or pet food, it's completely environmental. I am thinking it must be them who brought the law suit. 

I'm sure you are correct about who started the lawsuit. I have no intention of switching Annabelle's food. 

I saw something similar a couple days ago about a lawsuit alleging there are high levels of lead in Blue Buffalo. I don't feed that, but I wonder if it's a similar issue.

Okay, here's the discussion we had about this last year.

Just read through most of the lawsuit and it IS this Clean Label Project behind this. 



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