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All i know is that since production was shifted to the US, my dog won't eat this food. 

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Thanks, that is the one I was actually looking at. There are enough "flavors" to choose from, it should keep Her Royal Pickiness" happy. 

We are thinking of switching to Fromm Large Breed Puppy (Gold line). I see it's listed on the recommended list. Is the Four Star better than the Gold?

It's not about "better", it's about the formula being comparable to the current food, in terms of ingredients and nutritional profile.
You would not want to switch from a grain free, high protein food like Orijen to a lower protein food that contains grains. 

Thank you. I am a new puppy owner so my knowledge is very limited. I am doing my research and I appreciate your insight. I am trying to get him off of Life's Abundance Large Breed Puppy which is not grain free. Since Fromm Large Breed Puppy is also not grain free, this could be a good choice?

Yes. Since this discussion is about Champion's foods (Orijen and Acana), I assumed you were feeding one of those. 
Fromm's Puppy Gold would be a fine choice. You really do not need a "large breed" formula unles your pup is expected to top 80 or 90 lbs as an adult. But if you want to continue with it, there is a large breed formula in the fromm Puppy Gold line as well. 

Thank you, Karen!

In Champion’s statement they say “Our ... food features much higher levels of quality fresh and raw meat ingredients than conventional pet foods, including fish and seafood ingredients.”  We know this, but is it then logical to assume that those “higher levels” would thus lead to higher levels of heavy metals, etc. than found in conventional foods, albeit still within acceptable limits?  I have fed my 9-1/2 yo 57 lb goldendoodle Orijen Six Fish since puppyhood and have been very happy with it. I would hate to change, but will keep the recommendation for Wellness Core in mind. 

This is worrisome. The problem with waiting for it to be resolved is it could be a quite awhile longer that I would be feeding potentially harmful food.  I’ve fed my doodles the Origen and Acana fish formulas most of their lives.

 Why would this group spend the money to sue if they didn’t have reasonable proof?

i think I’ll feed one of the other recommended grain free dog foods till it’s resolved. 

My feeling is they are being funded by some other dog food company. I don't feel they would do this unless they were being paid to. Tomorrow I need to pick up a bag of dog food and I am really torn on what to do. I would be so mad at myself if Annabelle got sick.

Amy, your suspicions sound reasonable in that someone with a vested interest in discrediting one of the independent dog food companies, or perhaps just by a group that really doesn't know how to apply their results. 

It's very expensive to  lawyer up in these kinds of suits and I'm betting it is some large well funded business that is behind it. It only takes doubts and fear to destroy a business so  I for one am not switching. Our Acana and Orijen food still comes from Canada so no change. Of course it is up to everyone to make their own minds up and I will be watching the whole thing carefully. 



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