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Please PM me if you have any experience with Cha Cha Doodles in NJ.

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Michelle, once again I strongly urge you to read What to Look for in a Breeder and take the information to heart. 

Personal recommendations and even experiences don;t really mean much. Everyone loves their dog, so most people think their breeder is wonderful. And since most health issues don't show up until a dog is several years old, someone having a healthy 6 month pup doesn't mean much.

Some observations about the breeder you asked about:
1. No mention of genetic health testing on the parents. 

This is the single most important criteria. Most breeders who do health testing are proud of that, and post the information on their websites. There is also no real information about the breeding dogs, such as their ages. 

Nobody should be breeding dogs under the age of 2 years. 

2. No information on the health warranty, or the purchase agreement. 

This is crucial, and you really must see it before you make any decisions. Is there a health warranty? For how long? Does the breeder reimburse you for genetic health issues that may arise during that period? Will the breeder take the dog back if you can't keep him? Does the breeder require you to spay/neuter the dog at a particular age? (they should). These are all things you MUST know beforehand. 

3. Breeder pushes a specific food and vitamin brand, both of which are known to be sold through a pyramid scheme in which the breeder receives commissions. 

Often, the health warranty will depend on your purchasing these foods/vitamins from the breeder. The food is overpriced and the vitamins are unnecessary. 

This breeder may be perfectly fine, but there is not enough information on the website for you to know that. 

I looked at their website and totally agree with Karen....beware when a breeder does not indicate the parent dogs were genetically tested for the array of inherited disorders often seen within these breeds, and as Karen stated, there is no indication of any health warranty if a genetic disorder develops.  Whereas, no breeder can ever guarantee one of her puppies will never get sick, the risks are substantially reduced for genetic issues such as hip dysplasia, if the parents have been genetically cleared.   All puppies are cute, however, please do your homework before purchasing a four legged family member.

I have had problems with Cha Cha Doodles.



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