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My trainer mentioned that there are things like Prozac, CBD oil, lavender essential oil that might help Maggie. He didn't think she would need prozac, but thought the CBD oil might help her. I'm not really an essential oil/ flower essence believer, but you never know. 

I'm going to do some googling. I'm not sure it's an avenue we want to go down, but I was curious if anyone had personal experience with it.


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Did you ever try the DAP diffusers?

No. That makes even less sense to me, lol. But my regular vet even sells that Adaptil stuff.

But we were using the oils, etc for physical issues, not for fear or insecurity. Pain, inflammation, mobility.

It doesn't have great reviews on Amazon either, but I thought I would ask. I actually think she's doing okay. I'm starting to think she likes me. She even comes up and hangs out on the bed for a little while in the morning. 

I think she's fine, there's nothing wrong with her. She just needs to adjust and gain a little confidence. And learn what "permanent" means, lol. 

She does need to learn what permanent means, cause she's stuck with me! She's really sweet. And I love it when she leans against my leg when I'm petting her.

My Ned hates lavender.  It makes him sneeze.  I bought some that was supposed to be a calming dog spray and flea preventative and used it sparingly. It' just not for Ned.  I sometimes spray it on my pillow in our RV - it is a sure-fire way to make him disappear. 

I would disappear with Ned over the lavender. I do like peppermint, but just because I like the smell of peppermint. 

I've also read some things about some essential oils being harmful to dogs and cats. It makes me nervous. 

Essential oils are extremely toxic to cats. 

My friends rescued a very frightened and anxious dog who had been brought back to the shelter twice, the last time for biting a child (who had been teasing him and pulling on his mouth).  My friends felt a bond with this dog and took him anyway.  It is now two years later and I swear I am seeing a totally different dog.  He has finally learned that this is his forever home, that he can trust his people, and that he is safe.  They worked a lot with a trainer, but also said the Thunder Shirt did wonders for his anxiety.  Don't know if anyone has mentioned this.

My little Olivia had a thundershirt. I'm not sure if it helped her much, but she had terrible storm anxiety until the last few years of her life and we tried everything. Finally it seemed to just resolve. I think Karen might be right. She just needs more time to settle in. I think subconsciously I'm trying to turn her into Ava. And she's never going to be Ava. I need to let go and just love her for Maggie. And Maggie is pretty great. I just miss Ava so much. You know how sometimes you think you hear them, or you wake up and expect them to be there? That's never happened with Ava, because I've never forgotten for a single second that she's gone. I think at some point that's supposed to get better, but it hasn't yet. 

I was finally able to find and order a 41" tall gate. I wonder if that will keep her in the kitchen. I had to search all over the internet for one that was that tall and also wide enough for the doorway. It seems you can find one or the other, but both was a struggle. And she seemed to enjoy our daycare trial. So I think we're on the right track. She also seems to enjoy our training games. I can only get 2 feet in the crate at a time, but as long as I don't try to get the other feet in there she doesn't seem to mind going in. 

Everyone loves her. She's such a sweet and pretty dog. We'll get there. I just need to be patient with her, and probably to stop looking for magic solutions to turn her into Ava. The trainer told me to stop trying to get her to sleep with me. It took the pressure off of both of us, but I sure hope she decides that she wants to soon. 

I agree, I think Maggie just needs time and patience. She will soon learn to trust and feel comfortable in her forever home. 



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