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Just a reminder that certain medications can have serious side effects.



This was posted on a poodle rescue site:

Trifexis side effects

So your vet may not know the side effects of this new Heartworm medication so let us share them with you by clicking on the link below. It's not good and this is from there own website! A recent member of our facebook page gave it to her dog and he was having seizures for days. Stick with the well and trusted ones, we use Interceptor.

Here are the emails we received once someone read our blog. If you have other info please go to our contact page and send us your experience with this drug. The more people speak up, the word will get out about the side effects of this drug! We will post every email sent to us with your permission. Every time someone types in Trifexis to Google our blog pops up so they can read the emails from other pet owners. Thank you.
Here they start
We have a 15-month-old German Shepherd and just started her on Trifexis. She's had 2 doses so far: June 14 and July14. We shall never give it to her again. She's feeling great now, but she so obviously felt horrible. Very listless, wouldn't eat. She's usually like a live wire but lay around like a lump both times for about 24 hours. Thanks for the info.
Another email we received:
I'm having some serious concerns about the drug trefexis. My 3 yr old bichon is displaying symptoms of disorientation. She can hardly close her eyes to sleep..although very tired...without jerking awake and trembling and staring around the room. She is usually a brave dog, but not she huddles near me. I just gave her a 2nd dose day before yesterday. Will never dose her again...please don't use it on your dogs.
And another!
OMG!!! I want to thank you so much for posting the emails about Trifexis. I gave my 11 month old goldendoodle his fifth dose of it today. He has never had any side effects before. I gave it to him around 1:00 pm. He acted normal and then around 6:00 he started acting lethargic and was falling asleep sitting up. He couldn't get comfortable, its as if he is drunk. I was about to take him to the emergency clinic when I remembered that I gave it to him today. I am so glad that I looked up the side effects. As of right now he is sleeping. Do you know how long these symptoms usually last? I'm wondering if he is still acting like this tomorrow if I should take him to the vet. Thanks so much for posting about this. I am never giving him it again, and will tell everyone I know about this. Thanks! Lauren
And yet another!
After confirming that after the 3rd time (month) in a row, my 4 year old maltipoo was having some sort of reaction to her Trifexis. I came online to research side effects and found people on your site who commented with the exact same issue.
Within 12 to 24 hours of taking her Trifexis pill, she became very lethargic and staring up at the ceiling. The last two times it lasted for about 12 hours. Joe. One more!
I just gave my dog Trifexis tonight. She had it last month with no issues before. My internet searches led me to your site with the only similar symptoms she is having. she is extremely lehtargic. is falling asleep sitting up. Her neck keeps craning up to the ceiling. All similar symptoms i saw posted on your web page. but my concern was if anyone had to take there dog to the vet or was there anything they could even do? i saw one that said the symptoms lasted for about 12 hours. Any advice on those people who had similar side effects would be truly helpful. i really dont have the money for an emergency vet trip. Patrick.
And another!
My dog has had three seizures since starting Trifexis four months ago. I hope it is the cause because he is off it now and I hope the seizures stop. Don't know if the drug contributed but there seem to be a lot of people suggesting a link... David
I am so glad we found your site! We gave our 11 month blue tick coonhound a Trifexis tablet this Monday night. About 5 hours later, he was displaying the same symptoms that other people mentioned on your site!! The scariest night for us. His eyes were rolling back into his head and he couldn't focus on anything, he would look up at ceiling and open his mouth, try to sleep standing up and acted like a zombie! He couldn't settle or sleep for awhile and was cold to the touch! He was shivering and when we flashed a bright flashlight he didn't even flinch. Thank goodness we found your site because then we knew that he would most likely be ok but we will NEVER give it to him again!! It took 18 hours before he started acting normal again. Something needs to be done about this drug. We felt horrible for giving it to him. I have to wonder if it was poisoning him or affecting his brain the way it may do to the parasites it's intended to treat. Please keep getting the word out! If there is any place we need to post so more people will be aware, we will absolutely do that! Sara and David
What to do if your dog is showing signs of side effects of Trifexis: Call your vet office or your nearest emergency office to see what they would want you to do. Keep them on the ground, not elevated, keep them with you during the night not in another room or you may not know they are in distress. Do not allow them on the bed as they could fall off during the night. Keep them hydrated by squeezing water into their mouths a little at a time, as they may be too disorientated to get to the water bowl. Let them get fresh air periodically by taking/carrying them outside for short periods. Just like us when we don't feel well fresh cool air helps clear our head. Love them!

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I always prefer to use medication that has been on the market for some time. If this is a new medication that alone would keep me away for a while. Even with pre release testing some side effects do not become apparent until a large population is on the drug.

This is exactly what JD's allergy specialist has told me about trying new drugs and preventatives.

OMD....I can't believe this. It is so hard for me to give Daisy her Flea/Tick/Heartworm meds, I worry every time. I use Heartguard and Frontline + and really I don't feel good about it but know something is necessary. She is two and has never had any type of reaction but from this post I see that it doesn't always happen, one dog had 4 treatments before there was one.

What's a dog owner to do?

I really hate to read this! Knox has been on Trifexis for about four months. Besides hating to take it, he hasn't had any problems. Now, I'm worried...

OF FREAKING Course Molly is on that one. OF course she is !! Jack was on it too but I won a years supply of Interceptor so we switched to that...

I don't know whether this information is applicable to doodles or the cases reported above, but the American Working Collie Association has compiled this web page with information on a mutation in the MDR1 (MDR = multi-drug resistance) gene in collies and other herding dogs:

Apparently, when the MDR1 gene is working properly, it serves to protect the brain from effects related to ivermectin and milbemycin oxime (the two primary anti-heartworm meds). The mutation or defect is recessive.

I haven't found anything on serious side-effects related to spinosad--the insecticide component in Trifexis. BTW, Trifexis contains milbemycin oxime as the antihelmintic.

FWIW, Cosmo takes Sentinel, which contains milbemycin oxime with lufenuron as the insecticide.

I think this might be applicable to Aussiedoodles, and we do have some here on DK.

Rooney can't take Trifexis - he throws ups then entire day - nothing, not even cutting the dose in 1/2 and giving part 1 in the a.m. and part 2 in the p.m. helps.  He is now on Heartguard and Confortis, Stuart has done o.k. on the Trifexis but he got head tremors from the topical.  All very scary stuff.

WOW - this is really scary if you are giving your dog Trifexis !!!  My doodles are on Interceptor and never had a problem - thank God !

My dogs have been on it for over 6 months now and are fine. I do make sure I give it to them as soon as they have finished breakfast as they say the vomiting occurs on an empty stomach.

Could these symptoms be happening to others because of the combination of the 3 meds in the product? Would giving Comfortis separately have similar effects? I know that I had to switch from Frontline Plus because it wasn't keeping the fleas at bay. But now I'm wondering if I should give Comfortis and Heartguard separately instead of the Trifexis. Fleas are my main concern because Izzy is allergic to them

As far as I can tell, Trifexis contains only _two active ingredients_: milbemycin oxide and spinosad.

The marketing copy says that it has _three effects_: killing/preventing heartworms (milbemycin oxide), killing fleas (spinosad), and killing roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms (also attributable to milbemycin oxide).

Trifexis, Sentinel, and Interceptor all contain the same antihelmintic: milbemycin oxime. Interceptor does not contain an insecticide, but, as noted above, Trifexis and Sentinel do.

Heartgard contains ivermectin. It does not contain an insecticide.

Comfortis contains the insecticide spinosad.

I can't understand why Trifexis causes these symptoms and other meds containing the same active ingredients don't seem to.

Until there is some clear answer, I think F. Parker's advice makes the most sense: if you have a concern or a problem, stick with the brands that have been on the market a while.

Gave both my shelties their Trifexis(4th dose) at their supper time night before last. Next morning my 10 month old comes out of his crate all glassy eyed ,disoriented,drunken acting, and shakey!!! Very disturbed by this and as a result will never give either dog another one! I'm convinced that the problem is the Comfortis in it for the fleas as have always been an Interceptor user with absolutely no problems! Now I have to find a replacement as Interceptor is unavailable. Also it's the same heart worm med,however, about twice the ampont of dosage that was in their Interceptor pills!!!



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