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I know there are lots of discussions around this but I was having a hard time finding good Canadian recommendations. I am contemplating getting insurance for Cooper and wanted to opt for the hip dysplasia option (just in case). Does anyone have a good Canadian company that is reasonable in monthly payments yet decent to deal with? My fear is that I'll invest each month and then end up getting caught in some kind of loop-hole and having to pay out-of-pocket regardless.

Is insurance the way to go or a is setting up a separate savings account smarter? Thoughts?

Elizabeth and Cooper

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I use President's Choice Insurance. The monthly rates are reasonable and the coverage is ok. I haven't used it yet but have some claims to file from a while back so I'll let you know how that goes.


I did that debate myself for a while and in the end decided to go with the insurance. I felt less tormented over the decision. I guess it was the lesser of two evils. I would rather throw money away than have a vet bill in the thousands that I can't pay out of  pocket for...

If my husband had a say, he would opt out of the insurance and set up a vet account. I disagree because what if it's more than you expected? Or have saved yet? (since you never know what will happen) I would go into the monthly payments, ask lots of questions and read the fine print!! Good luck!



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