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Was wondering if anyone else's doodle doesn't catch. Mine moves out of the way and grabs it from the ground

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My daughter compiled that video from playing catch with zeus trying at least. I think he doesn't catch because of his gentleness and doesn't want to grab hard

That video is adorable.  I think some dogs just catch naturally and others don't.  My girls are as gentle as anything but actually fly in the air to catch.  Your cutie reminds me of a mini dachshund we used to have, she wanted her treat tossed just like our other dog but as soon as we tossed she would duck like it was dive bombing her.

The video was too fast for me to see but it seems like he may be a bit afraid of the objects hitting him.  I would try soft things and throw a bit higher.  My Ivy was like that, I used those squishy pool balls which were the size of a tennis ball to teach her and she learned real quick :)

This video was so cute! Teddy is the same way- he wants to catch whatever it is but usually gets out of the way at the last minute. Sometimes he does this thing that I call the football catch where he gets in front of the object as it lands on the ground so it's right in front of his body and in between his front paws. I think you can probably train them to catch things (I've tried with treats but he lets them fall too) but I just haven't put a ton of time into it. I have heard horror stories though about dogs catching tennis balls though so I am always super careful when I throw those. Have fun!

thx for the tips.  I'll try using smaller squishy balls and see if he will catch them.   Zeus is 11 and not sure if I can teach an old dog new tricks.  Zeus won't catch a treat either. 

I throw popcorn at them and sometimes other treats. My two fluffy girls don't even try. They just let it hit them and then get it off the ground. Pippa, who looks and acts more like a Golden Retriever can catch like its her job. Very rarely does she miss. She catches treats as well as toys.

Annabelle can catch her frisbee when my husband throws it. Its so funny she will go get her frisbee, give me the side eye and go off to find the guy that knows how to throw. She is a 3 year old mini, weighs about 16lbs. She started catching her frisbee before he 2nd birthday. He throws pretty far, and she really runs to go catch it. I will have to watch the video later. I am on metered service so watch videos after midnight when its free.

My Myla cannot catch a thing!  She loves playing ball, but thinks I have to chase her to get the ball - when I do get it and throw it, she does try really hard to catch it but never does.  She absolutely loves popcorn but cannot catch that either.  Good thing she's adorable!!!

I think your doodle is just precious.
Loved your video. Just adorable!
Haley is great at catching a ball. But, throw treats his way and it's a miss every time. Cole' (R.I.P.), not a doodle didn't care for fetch but could catch treats and vegetable pieces every time. He was VERY food motivated.

Cute video.  It appears Zeus not want to get hit with the object.  One of my doodles can catch anything thrown at or near him, the second doodle was just not a ball player.  He preferred to chase after the first doodle going after the ball!  We started throwing a cloth ball to him very softly and he started catching without much difficult.  Watching him, I feel like he sees the ball differently than other dogs.  He will try to put his front feet up and catch using his feet.  He is great at bringing back and dropping the ball or object in your lap or feet.  When say get your ball, let's go play, Beau will always chose a stuffed toy (especially his long snake that is tied in knots) as he generally plays catch with that rather than a ball. Your Zeus is a handsome dood!



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