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My Sully will be 1 year this month. When I bought him and flew him home I knew he had serious behaviour issues. He is a really sweet, gentle and SUPER smart pup, but he is scared to death of people. I have tried for months to socialize him, but I am semi handicapped and cannot walk hardly anywhere. He needs socializing and I know he"ll be fine.  He is not agressive with dogs or food and loves to play with other dogs. He is always on my lap and gives kisses all the time. He is not mean and lets me bath and groom him - he is very docile, not overactive like crazy Oliver! But if there is someone who has lots of training ability and can take him out to socialize him, I would rehome him at no charge.  I love him so much, but his fear keeps him from being happy and that is what I want for him. I cannot take him to classes due to my handicap, But I have raised show dogs for many years and know how to train. He learns a command almost instantly and I think he would be great for agility.  Can you, my friends put the word out to see if we can find him a loving, patient home. No kids. He knows my grandchildren, but is afraid and that's not good.

Please Help us! I live in Tampa.

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Hi Judy, my name is Ed Gracki and my wife sent you a message. If you didn't receive it I wanted to follow up. We have adopted 4 pups during our life together and each has had a issue of different sorts except our last one, Chloe a golden Doddle. I have been to obedience and training classes over the years and have read many books on living and training our best friends. Would love to speak with you about this beautiful pup. Please contact us, you should have our phone # and now a email address. So you know our pups are walked every day, have a nice fenced in yard,sleep by our sides, see a vet , are groomed and bathed, and travel with us to the beach on weekends. Best Regards, Ed and Joann
Judy, I sent you and e-mail about the DRC, a doodle rescue organization that can help you re-home Sully.
Thank you for being so kind!
Oh no, Judy! Not Sully! I remember we spoke about how similar our dogs look.... I could swear they were related, but Tori came from Canada and is an aussiedoodle as well...She too is fearful... I know it can really drain you. I wish I could take him, but I do have 2 teenage boys who are loud... I will definitely ask around for you! I am so sorry you have to do this? Let me ask you more.... you said he has "behavior issues"... what are they exactly? What does he do when he is in the company of people? Does he become fear aggressive? snap? bark? cower??? I hope you find someone! Sully has touched a spot in my heart - guess because he looks so much like Tori! Best of luck! I will be checking in regularly!
He pees!!!! when confronted by people. I am sure he would fear bite if some one pushed him, but mostly he jumps on my lap and becomes a VELCRO dog. I love him so much, but this is no life for him. I really do not know what to do. It's just that I have drop in people all the time and he freaks out. Having people give him treats has not helped. He takes them always. Food is a good tool for him. I trained him to trust me by the old rope trick and he is very lead broken and not nearly as fearful on a lead. He even lets people pet him then.
Shelly, I feel like you're the only friend I have in this mess!  Thank you for your support.
I feel so bad that you're so torn with this... maybe part because Tori too has, what I was told fear with visitors... maybe because Sully looks so much like Tori... whatever the reason, I am pulling for both of you!  I'll be following - hope everything works out....BTW ~ how is Sully with your other dog?  Does he have fear issues?  Does he show any signs of aggression????  WHERE did you get Sully again?  Good luck!
I'm sorry to hear that Sully needs a new home. Have you contacted your breeder? Your purchase contract may stipulate that you have to notify your breeder if you need to rehome Sully. Many good breeders will want to take the dog back and rehome him themselves. Others will be fine with having him rehomed through a rescue organization, but not with just rehoming him yourself. Notifying the breeder would be required by the DRC or any responsible rescue organization before he could be adopted to a third party.
FYI as a former breeder, she is the first one I contacted. Her stand is nothing was wrong with him when she had him and she will do nothing.  This happens and I would never return him to her.
Judy, this post disturbs me. I think maybe it belongs in a place where families are not misled that they can help this dog by just training.
As you said, you are familiar with dogs, showed dogs many years, and you have trained dogs yourself, but "When I bought him and flew him home I knew he had serious behaviour issues That being said, I believe you know, that training alone will not be enough. Most dogs that display this type of behavior are born this way and training will HELP but will not solve the serious problems that occur, such as AGGRESSION. If training helped, and you know the basics of training, it would have helped by now in many ways.
Another possibility to you would be to have a trainer into your home and help you both overcome issues with having a troubled dog with you being in a wheel chair. Many trainers would welcome the challenge.

I sincerely hope, that anyone who sees this post will read up on Fear Aggression in Dogs, The Sharp Shy Dog, and the danger and challenges these present in homes and everyday life.
I far from know how these things work, but given what you said Joanne, do you know if DRC has resources to foster such a dog, assess and deal with major behaviour issues and then once he is rehabilitated place him in an appropriate home? I think that this would be much safer and better for the dog than an owner rehome to someone that may not have the expertise or understanding of the behaviour which may result in either a dangerous situation or the dog having to be rehomed a second time and so on...
I have no idea. The DRC would know what they are capable of in this situation. They have experienced this before and would have to present this themselves.
At this time, I do not believe the DRC is involved???
IMO. And this is just my opinion. Rehabilitation will take a very long time and most likely will only be minimal in effect. It has already been a year. As I mentioned above, it is my understanding that these dogs, most, are born this way, others have been poorly socialized in the breeders homes, or the fear stage was not resolved, or all of the above. Most likely, this can not be fully recovered from. Training is certainly needed. Socialization is needed, but socialization is not the only thing that will work. As a matter of fact, socialization will be difficult now on the dog and the new owners.

Beware of the Free Dog. This dog will cost more money than an ALD. It needs expensive help and training. I pray it gets this. I hope that a family who has EXPERIENCED these issues wants to take on another dog like this and help. I am just hoping though, that because this says, Free Rehome, that an unsuspecting family knows the facts.



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