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Does anyone know a rescue site for Aussie Poos? Or any reliable breeders of Aussie Poos?


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Do you mean Australian Shepard/Poodle mixes? I think Nancy at Doodlesville breeds them and I've heard nothing but good things from those who have her doodles.
Do you mean australian shepherd mixed with poodle? Or do you mean australian labradoodles? would list them. Also look in our Rescued Doodles group now and then to see what the girls have listed under "Doodles in Need, HELP!" discussion. As far as breeders, there are a few who breed these, some are members of this site: Nancy of Doodlesville; Nikki of Blazing Star Doodles; and Laurie Trouchek I think. I don't know these ladies personally, but this is a place to start.
Laurie is a member of Doodle Kisses and breeds beautiful aussiedoodles. I think she may have one more available. They aren't quite ready to go home. Both parents are tested and puppies have been home raised. Here is a link to her DK page.
My friend is looking for Australian Shephard/poodle hybrids....I sent her the links from some of your replies. Keep 'em coming. thanks so much!

Who was your breeder?
I think you mean aussiedoodles. Go into the "group - aussiedoodles" and you can find lots of information there. I have an aussiedoodle which I got from a breeeder in Canada, but next time I'm going south to Virginia! (to Doodlesville!)



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