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Hi everyone. My 6 yr old doodle just ate a piece of tinfoil, about 12”x14”. She didn’t swallow it whole, because I found her before she finished, looks like she shredded it apart.
Should I induce vomiting? Also it had probably 4TB of olive oil inside.
She is on a course of steroids and she constantly hungry and thirsty. Several days ago she got ahold of a roll of toilet paper, she is jumping up counters for Kleenex, which is something she has not done in 5 1/2 years.

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I've had really good luck with calling the emergency vet and asking what they think about things. Maybe call them and see what they recommend? 

Poor baby. Steroids are no fun. 

Thanks! I'll give that a try. The answer I usually get, is we can't diagnose over the phone.

Luna is on a mega dose of steroids these days for her cancer... 24/7 claiming we don't feed her and attempting to steal everything.  Last week she ate a strawberry top/leaf that I dropped.. she doesn't even like greens!

Thank goodness! The ER vet said Lilly will most likely pass it, but to keep an eye on her.

That's good news. That would have been my personal thought too, but it's better to hear it from a professional than some random person on the internet. I hope everything comes out well!

For future reference:

Generally when a dog eats something fairly benign ( not poisonous, not sharp), my vet says feed them as much Wonder bread as they will eat and keep water available and the will pass it.

Yep, that's always my go-to.  Sandwich bread.

Luna once ate (we think) a chicken bone on garbage day on a walk and this is what we did.  Those things are so dangerous :/



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