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Today was one of those errand days that I could take the doodles with me. I love having them keep me company on my trips around town and now that Bella doesn't get car sick as often it's really a pleasure for us all.
So we started out at the dog park for some energy release and we met two people there, ( quiet and hot day at the park) who both came up to me at different times to ask ..."are they Goldendoodles and they don't shed do they?" All in one breathe! So my pet answer is "yes and they do shed some." Then they go on to ask about their personalities and ofcourse most everyone has only heard good things about that, so that much is true.
So next we have to go do some consignment shop shopping because we have an awesome one here in town and I need some big rugs, but hate to buy new, with my little chewer around, never know....
So we are getting out of the car, they wait as I open the back hatch, I clip them and a lady comes up to us and asks....".Are they Goldendoodles? How cute, they don't shed do they?". Again, pet answer, "yes, and they do shed some."
So we go in the store and two more people stop them to ask Are they Goldendoodles? But this time another person comes up and says "they don't shed either". WTD? So insert pet answer..." Yes, blah, blah, blah. This goes on though out the store and they were on their best behavior, thank goodness as we had to navigate the china isles to get to the rugs.
Ok, so now I'm starting to wonder if they really don't shed ....or did I get a defective set of doodles that shed some? Are all these people right and my guys shouldn't be shedding? I guess they didn't get the memo.
On to Ace Hardware, as I am STILL painting this house as we aren't done remodeling...but that's another story.
And would you believe, 3 more people ask the same questions!!!! Was there just a national news update on non-shedding doodles that I missed? Is EVERYONE that misinformed about our doods? Where is everyone hearing that they don't shed at all? I can see why people are so upset with their grooming maintenance if all they think of is how wonderful a non- shedding long haired dog would be.
All in all it was a good day Audi hope I helped educate at least 8 people that it's a 50/50 crap shoot when it comes to shedding doodles.

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Oh, I so know your pain. I'm always explaining that Winston sheds and not Sophie and people are always surprised by this. The best we can do is continue to give our pet answers and move on. Maybe eventually the word will spread lol!

We hear the same thing....over and over.....   Sadly, I think there are MANY breeders out there who perpetuate this myth.  Banjo does shed....lightly....but he does shed.

I'm not sure it's only breeders saying this and my breeder was quite upfront with me in that she couldn't guarantee non shedding, just less shedding than a golden retriever normally would do. I guess I was thinking all breeders are as upfront as she was. Maybe not.

There are very few breeders who are as upfront about anything as your breeder, Sue.

That is sad. It just is not sound business sense to make false claims, but that is what happens in every business.....

Your doodles are not defective; it's the misinformation highway that's defective. If you look at any DK member's page at random, odds are that low shedding or nonshedding is mentioned under the reason they chose a doodle. Same thing on applications to adopt doodles.

I have had more than one person tell me that JD cannot be a labradoodle because he sheds, and everyone knows that doodles don't shed. :)

This myth has been the cause of many a great dog being rehomed, so thank you for doing your part to educate people.

I get the same questions about my labradoodles but mine really don't shed. Yes a clump scratched out here or there and some hair collects on the dog door fuzzy seals. I do think some doodles shed less than others but really all mammals shed. Doodle fur just gets caught up in the coat if they don't "shed".

So true, we even shed 80-100 hairs a day. And the Matt's are much worse with Murphy as he sheds less.

Sue, you have an awesome breeder who is very honest!  I think MOST breeders probably do give the impression that doodles don't shed.  Bexter doesn't shed AT ALL, but Maggie does a LITTLE.  Still better than most dogs, though!

Yes, I do have an awesome breeder, guess that's why I went back for seconds...wink, wink. Murphy does shed much less than Bella, but mats are worse with him too. I can leave her much longer before the mats take over. I guess I should start telling people about the consequences of the non-shedding doodle that everyone seems to covet.

We also have one shedder and one non shedder.  With our non shedder you do get hair in the brush.   I always include the comment about the fact that the non shedder matts and the shedder doesn't so much.  I always say you are either going to brush it out or sweep it up one or the other.

I just seem to get the question... What is it?



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