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We're on wait lists to buy a Goldendoodle and we'd love to see different sizes and meet a few. The breeders are unable to let us visit (for good reason: health concerns of the puppies) until the pups are born and then old enough.

We've never seen minis or medium sized Goldendoodles and we'd really like to see the difference. 


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Please join the Southern California group. We meet about once a month, usually at Arbor Dog Park in Seal Beach.  We have group members who come from the Thousand Oaks area, from San Diego, from Riverside and areas closer to Long Beach.  Here is a link to the group.  We'd love to meet you, even if you don't have your pup yet.  We have lots of experiences to share.  Our next romp is scheduled for December.  Those of us that can meet before the romp for lunch.  We have LOTS of doodles to show you.

Thank you so much!! I joined the group. Will I get a notification of exactly what time, date, and where to go? We are so up for this!

I just got my answer: An announcement of time/day. 

Thanks again, Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie!

Looking forward to meeting you.

Same here! See you there!



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