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Hi all,

Jake is a 1 year old Golden Doodle and over the last 4 to 6 months we have had to take him in several times to have his anal gland expressed.

I need to take him in again, but I'm wondering if this is something I can learn to do at home because I don't like taking him in more than necessary and he doesn't like it either.

Does anyone do this for their doodle at home?

Who taught you?

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I have never had to do it and Im wondering what kind of food he is eating. His glands should be expressed naturally when he goes poo. Does he have soft stools? Have you discussed this with the vet? Who is expressing them for you, the groomer or the vet?

Your vet can probably teach you to do it at home, but it's not really something most of us would want to do; it's a real stinky mess, to be honest. 

Lori raised some good points; maybe he needs more fiber in his diet? His stools should be firm enough that the glands express naturally, although some dogs do have anatomical problems that cause them to have chronic anal gland issues; some even need surgery. I'm wondering what your vet has said about this?

You also never want to let a groomer express the glands; they usually do it externally, which is the wrong way and lead to chronic problems. The correct way to express them is from the inside.

Here's a video if you really want to do it yourself:

He currently eats Canidae pure puppy the chicken formula and with the next bag we plan to transition him to the Skye formula. His poop is firm and well formed.

My previous dog need this done as well so I guess it didn't strike me as that unusual.

I'll ask the vet about it.

Like Karen said, there are some dogs that have a problem but it is not the normal condition of every dog. Im guessing that it is not your vet who has been expressing them? I would definitely talk to him/her about it if it is a chronic thing. Good Luck!

 I used to think my dogs needed them expressed every time I took them to them to the groomer.  Then I did some research. I put them on a great diet and told the groomer no more expressing.  That's been 5 years now and I haven't had any issues.  Like Lori and Karen brought up, I would definitely discuss the problems your Jake seems to be having with your vet ... maybe there's another solution.

Annabelle has had issues in the past, but not a lot. The groomer does it if needed during her grooming. However the vet told me most groomers don't get far enough in to do the best job. When the vet does Annabelle's, it is a big stinky mess and there is no way I could do it without dry heaving. Watching it is bad enough. The first time it happened was from a raw carrot she couldn't pass. She doesn't get those anymore, but will still have an issue once in awhile.

When it's done incorrectly, i.e. "most groomers don't get far enough in to do the best job", that can actually cause an impacted anal gland. That's why it's best not to let the groomer do it, ever. 



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