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Hi All,

We have a one year old Doodle who's never had an issue with eating (food goes down in morning and night and it's gone within 2 min). Lately, when we feed her she smells the bowl and walks away. She's not lethargic at all and is acting as she always does. When I take the food out of the bowl, she'll at least eat some of it. I've tried changing bowls and that doesn't work. She's had the same food the whole time - she just seems disinterested in eating, with the exception of some occasional bites through the day.

Is it possible she no longer likes the food? Any suggestions or help would be muchly appreciated.



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It's possible that since her skeletal growth is complete, she needs less food now; how often are you feeding her, what food, and how much?

"Picky" eaters, and dogs who are not interested in their food are probably the most common topic here in TFG, besides diarrhea, lol. A sudden change in appetite can possibly signal an illness, but it's usually accompanied by some kind of sign of GI distress, such as vomiting or poop issues.

Many of us rotate formulas on a regular basis, partly to keep the dogs interested. Many of the recommended foods are designed to be rotated. If you're confident that there are no other health issues with her, it may not be a bad idea to try a different formula.


Thanks. We feed her twice a day, morning and night. Up until about a week ago, she always cleaned the bowl within 2 minutes. In the last week, she'll have a bit here and there but she's not finishing much. No GI issues that we've noticed and she's very energetic, as usual. We've fed her the same food from the time she was 8 weeks, Life's Abundance (organic - our breeder used it too). The food says we can use it until 3 or so years old before switching to an adult brand. Thanks for the insight!

We are not fans of Life's Abundance here, and if you do a search in our FG discussion forum, you'll learn why. The breeders recommend it because they get commissions when you buy it, it's only sold through a multilevel marketing program, otherwise known as a pyramid scheme, with multiple commission levels, which is where most of your money goes when you buy it. It is a very mediocre food that is way overpriced for what it is. Plus, there is no variety in terms of rotating formulas, and the company is very secretive about the sources and manufacturing.

I would switch to Fromm if it's available in your area. Start with the Chicken a la Veg in the Four Star line, and after a month or so, you can rotate formulas within the Four Star line. Most of the FG members who have tried Fromm say their dogs love it, and it's a very good food, made by a private family owned company which gives full disclosure. .

I seem to remember that Tara did the same thing around that age. And it concerned me too! I agree that it may be that her growth rate has slowed down and she just doesn't require as much food now.

HI.  I just went through the same thing with my 21 month old goldendoodle.  She was always an eager eater and for several weeks would harldly eat.

After visitng the vet, I changed her food from Orijen to Fromm and she is back to gobbling up all her food again. 

Good Luck and hopefully she is just wanting a change in her food too.






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