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  • sadie the extortionist

    sadie the extortionist 0:29

    here's the video evidence of sadie conning me into playing with the ball. sorry for the poor qualit… Tags: ball, mud Becka Aug 1, 2015 100 views

  • sadie the weirdo

    sadie the weirdo 0:29

    Whenever Sadie sees this dog she goes crazy and would follow him around the park barking if I let h… Tags: behavior, weird Becka Jul 28, 2014 158 views

  • sadie maddie 1

    sadie maddie 1 0:44

    Sometimes Sadie and I babysit our friend Maddie the lab mix. Maddie is not quite two and often has… Becka Apr 15, 2014 88 views

  • Sadie's new toy

    Sadie's new toy 0:52

    Sadie has figured out how to get delicious bits of lamb lung out of her new toy! Becka Jul 27, 2012 37 views

  • Sadie the Sneak

    Sadie the Sneak 0:45

    Sadie's favorite thing to do is steal toys from other dogs, who always seem to be willing participa… Becka Jul 27, 2012 43 views

  • sadie wants out

    sadie wants out 0:49

    Sadie always sounds a little vicious when she wants to go outside, but that's just how she "talks." Becka Jul 13, 2012 83 views

  • sadie tries again

    sadie tries again 0:39

    Once again, my little thief of a dog tries to steal something from a friend at the park (this time… Becka May 7, 2012 84 views

  • sadie steals the stick

    sadie steals the stick 0:15

    Sadie is a thief at the dog park--she is always sneaking in to steal balls and sticks and toys from… Becka May 5, 2012 45 views

  • mudpuppies

    mudpuppies 0:44

    Recent rains have left a lake in our dog park. I taped some of the ensuing shenanigans, and that is… Becka Feb 11, 2012 81 views

  • lizard hunting

    lizard hunting 0:54

    I told Sadie the lizard was long gone, but she didn't believe me. Becka Feb 10, 2012 48 views

  • sadie stalking

    sadie stalking 0:20

    I took some video of Sadie stalking doves in the park this morning. Becka Feb 2, 2012 71 views


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