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What can I say about week 4. I love this dog and honestly can't remember life before Cooper.

As I write this he's lying on my feet (though he has a bully stick to keep him occupied lol).  I feel compelled to write a bit of a cheesy post. I have been a pretty indepedent person. I've lived alone for about 10 years and haver really only had to look out for myself. I turned 30 this year and decided it was time to get a dog - something I've been waiting for since I've been young. I never knew that having this guy for under a month could have such an impact on my life. As I've mentioned before, I just moved across the country (Vancouver to Ottawa), I work full time (though mostly from home) and am also doing my MBA part-time. People thought I was crazy for getting a puppy to add to all that but, honestly, bringing Cooper home has been the best thing that's happened to me. I have no doubt that there are many trying times ahead but the way he's already changed my outlook on life, added so much joy and laughter to my life,  and has encouraged me to take time out each and every day to be healthy and have fun. I honestly don't remember life before him.

As for progress/challenges.... I'm able to let him out of his pen more. Like I said, right now he's out and is by my feet (something that NEVER would have happened two or even one week(s) ago. Each day I trust him more and more in the house. He had another vet check and is healthy as can be at a big 22.3 lbs (yeah) and is definitely showing more retriever traits/structure than poodle. Week 2 of no accidents. sleeping like a champ, playing REALLY well with other dogs, and leash walking is going well.

The challenges for week 4 have been that he is barking more in the house (I'm trying my best to ignore). It's nothing major (usually no more than 3 barks) but still a change that I don't really love. The humping has been minimal since that first day (woot) but the nipping continues (sigh).


Puppy kindergarten startes in a couple weeks and I look forward to that. This upcoming week I'm going to be focused on his 'drop it' training and also working a bit more on his name recognition and 'coming'. We had it down pretty well but he is getting more distracted these days.

Overall, I am so in love with this little dude it's not even funny. I truly believe that 'they' choose us and there is a reason why each of us find our special pups.

Have a great long weekend everyone.

Elizabet and big boy Cooper!

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Comment by Sherri, Sophie, Winston, & Kitty on September 27, 2011 at 1:49pm
Elizabeth you sound just like l did in my first few weeks with Sophie. Having a puppy to care is such an amazing experience. I'm glad you are enjoying it. I hope we can meet up in one of the local parks one day soon. :o)
Comment by Joanne and Tucker Gilbert on September 5, 2011 at 6:12pm
Cooper is adorable....I understand exactly where you are coming from.This is week 7 of us having Tucker and we are head over heels in love with the big gallute(he is such a goof ball) .I am glad you are enjoying your new little man so much....they sure do add a lot to our lives:)
Comment by Jennifer,Chloe & Myla on September 4, 2011 at 5:09pm
I'm glad things are going great for you two! He's so adorable and no I don't remember life before Chloe & Myla!
Comment by Bonnie and Kona on September 4, 2011 at 4:54pm
Beautifully written blog about how we fall in love with our dogs. Cooper is as cute as can be. I love the photos. They make life so much better.
Comment by cheryl & oliver on September 4, 2011 at 2:01pm
what great pictures, Cooper is adorasble!!!...Welcome to becomming a Doodle Addict....You are well on your way, lol...We are all addicts on here, doodle addicts, I mean...
Comment by Traci -Bexter & Maggie on September 4, 2011 at 4:05am
Love your pictures!  I am glad (and not surprised) that he has had that effect on you.  Isn't it wonderful having a doodle?
Comment by Christine & Shelby on September 3, 2011 at 12:42pm

I can totally relate - I felt the same way after bring my Shelby in to my life - also single, independent, and I can't imagine life without Shelby in it.   She completely changed my world... for the better.   Enjoy - it gets better.... puppy kindergarten will help a lot!   I must admit - I was so happy when her puppy teeth started coming out - the nipping was awful with those razor sharp puppy teeth!   Enjoy.... loved the post!

Comment by Pat and Traveler on September 3, 2011 at 9:40am
Ah, you're both so cute!  Glad Cooper is such a great little (well...big!) companion.  They really do change your life.
Comment by Deanna & Desi & Cori on September 3, 2011 at 9:33am
Cooper is such a cutie - and very easy to love!  As far as the nipping, if you're not already doing this, each time he nips, yelp loudly as a littler mate might and stop the play for a few seconds.  It helps him calibrate the power of his nips and may even lessen the frequency.
Comment by Mimi Linna, Lilly and Lolly on September 3, 2011 at 5:35am
can i say that you and cooper are the cutest!!!


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